What Are You Playing This Weekend?

And while you're at it, tell me what I should play this weekend.

One game I'm definitely playing this weekend is Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. But it's candy-cated delights are best suited for short bursts of play. I'll need something else to tide me over a chilly winter weekend.

So I'm asking for you advice. I have started to play but not finished the following games from this year:

* Just Cause 2 * Red Dead Redemption * Resonance of Fate * Super Mario Galaxy 2 * Yakuza 3

I'm enjoying all of them. What should I make sure I complete this weekend?


    Trying to rope in a cashed up mate to buy a PS3 and play borderlands co-op. Neither of us have played it before, but it sounds great. Any reccomendations, warnings etc?

      It gets easier as it goes on.
      Someone being a soldier and specing into medic helps a whole lot.

      I have a ps3 version of borderlands (after reaching level 53 or so on xbox version.

      always happy for a game if you are looking for someone. Still love that game!

      PSNID fatshady-live


      Yea, good choice of game. Get the DLC, it gives it a bit more longevity. Just dont get that underground riot one, thats was pretty gay and pointless, but the other 2 are really quite good and feel like an extension of the main game.

    As The Flying Spaghetti Monster as my witness, I WILL finish RDR this weekend!

    Dave you must play RDR if only for the unorthodox way that the game concludes that hopefully hasn't been spoiled for you.

      On reflection it must be a real pain in the arse when you have to moderate every comment and people talk about plot points that you have not yet reached.

        hey real good point.

        I was just thinking the same that the ending is great, as I have not seen anything like it before but hard to imagine Gooseface Killah (Thanks Jung) not hearing about it.

        I was playing with a mate of mine last night who had not finished the game and accidentally rode straight past 'that place where the game ends' and hoped he did not realise what was there.

        Yeah, play RDR.

        I have 100% acheivement and am starting to go through acheivements while levelling up a PS3 VERSION IN mp ALSO.

      I second this notion. The storytelling towards the end is, in my opinion, extremely interesting and well handled. Congrats Rockstar for being so awesome...

    finish galaxy 2 and while ur at it smash out some sin and punishment 2 since uve got a screenshot of it

    I just brought Resonance of Fate yesterday but at the moment i'm about 7 hours into Final Fantasy XIII.

    Get into Sniper Ghost Warrior.

    I was playing Uncharted 1 and God of War 3 last night. Due to some extra commission pay, I'm planning on picking up a 360 next Thursday, just so I can play Mass Effect and Alan Wake, but for now just pushing through the PS3 titles I'm yet to finish.

      You should just upgrade you're PC, both are available on PC and XBOX as is Fable 3.

    Dragon Quest 9

    The Orange Box. Mid-way through my first go at Portal - not sure what I think of it, yet.

    Also, NBA 2K10.

    Is Resonance of Fate any good? I've seen it fairly cheap for import, but I've been put off by people saying it's ridiculously hard.

    Moved my PC into the dining room where it's much warmer than the freezing cold study. So I'm thinking my PC will get some love and I will resume playing Dragon Age after that massive patch the other day. Maybe even finish it?

    I'm also tossing up playing God of War on the newly purchased PSP. Apparently it only takes ~5 hours to finish and it's best enjoyed in one sitting. Maybe...

    Recently finished Transformers War for Cybertron which means I'm due to resume playing RDR on the 360 at some point too.

    I feel like I'm spread too thin!

    Play Super Mario Galaxy 2, because it's the only one out of that list that I have played.

    I'm up to the last world of DKC2 (or at least, I HOPE it's the last world), and I REALLY want to finish it this weekend.

    It's just. So. Damn. Hard.

    I'm making my way back through some games I have yet to finish or that I want to play again. I'm halfway through Deadspace and I completed about 1/3 of Uncharted on Hard. However, my gaming time will be very minimal this weekend, work and family commitments are taking up most of my weekend.

    David, you should really finish RDR, it's a fantastic game! You have 3 open world games in your list there, and I would say RDR is by far the best! If you get bored of missions, play some online co-op/gang matches etc, they are tonnes of fun.

    Oh and finish Just cause2. Fun game. Took me about 33 hours to finish but that was with a fair bit of stuffing around (you will do that A LOT!)

    x men origins: wolverine, brutal legend, starcraft and spider man: web of shadows


    Play Yakuza 3 and go fishing! :)

    I'm playing through LEGO Harry Potter with the girlfriend, we have completed the storyline, going back through and cleaning up all the collectables!

    If I get a chance, not sure what I'll put in...

    The sleepless game.

    Well...last week my 360 RROD'ed on me. So ok, no War For Cybertron (freshly purchased by the way). Now my computer is down and out. It will not even play Diablo 2. So it is off to the computer store to get it looked at.

    I...I....oh god. What is...what the hell is that?!

    Sunlight..? Oh god my eyes!!!!!

    The game of LIFE. It sucks.


    I will play Pokémon in my head.

    I'm playing the following games at the moment:
    * Monster Hunter Tri Online
    * Kirby Super Star (VC)
    * Super Mario Galaxy 2
    * Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
    * Mario Tennis (VC)

    I will be playing TF2. The game still makes me laugh, cheer and cry. Seriously best FPS game ever, so much fun.

    Trying to finish up FFIX again, then looking at Persona 3 Portable.

    But seriously, go finish Yakuza 3.

    Still trying to finish off Super Mario Galaxy 2 (up to 147 stars now), but have my copy of Sin and Punishment 2 ready to be played as well!

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