What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The Starcraft 2 beta is back, but due to an account security snafu I'll be in search of other forms of wicked gaming business. I think I'll start with...

Demon's Souls. I've heard everyone talk about it, it seems right up my alley, but like many games in the stack on my desk, I just haven't had the time to get around to it yet.

If it proves too hard, I'll crack open Puzzle Quest 2. I can feel it's call. Its gems cry to be matched, just as the euphoric chemicals in my brain cry to be mixed.

And don't tell big Wildgoose when he comes back on Monday, but I've ninja'd the Kotaku copy of Naughty Bear. Friends have told me it's only worth a few hours. Hopefully they're very naughty hours.

How about you?


    Monster hunter tri, and finishing off SMG which I never bothered to finish since I decided I want to play SMG2.

    But mostly MH3 :)

      well it looks like the wii is missing out on the love it was going to be getting. Sacred 2 and GRID are just too tempting right now. Maybe tomorrow lol.

      I'm sure it won't take too long to get over sacred 2 again. All i need is another escort quest and I'll never play it for 6 months again. Damn escort quests. They ruin that game.

    Its okay they cancelled the real name RealID forum drama so you can play SC2 again.

    I'll be playing an imported and unofficially translated version of "The Precursors". Been playing it already, and so far I'm dissapointed that this game was never made (and looks like it never will be) into an english language version, and an xbox 360 version.

      Where did you get the copy? i dont mind it being unoffical. i have been son annoyed at the fact this wasnt released

        I got mine off ebay:


        The one I got wasn't patched to english, even though it says it is on the listing, but if you head to the Precursors forums a user on there has created an english patch. The dialogue translation is pretty poor, but the game is certainly playable, and it shows the potential this game had before the Devs apparently went bankrupt.

    With the Engineer Update for Team Fortress 2 upon us I'll be playing that pretty much all weekend.

    Think I'll be hitting up mostly Monkey Island 2 Special Edition, and maybe a bit of Monster Hunter Tri online with some buddies. And TF2, of course.

      I too will be playing Monkey Island 2 SPecial Edition, Guybrush Threepwood is my hero :)

        I'm in the middle of Tales of Monkey Island, gonna finish that off before I start the special editions... or maybe I'll try Machinarium.

    Halo 2 on pc, smack down vs raw 2010, crackdown 2, Halo wars and brutal legend

    I'll be playing Borderlands mostly, and probably some The Beatles: Rock Band and I might finish off Banjo-Tooie on XBLA as well.

    dragon age and mass effect for the new dlc

    I've been playing a bit of Puzzle Quest 2 on DS. Loving it of course, but the more I play, the more I yearn for the PC version! Wish they'd hurry up and release it already!

    InFamous, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Lego Batman, God of War HD, Uncharted 1 and 2, Episodes from Liberty City..... I think that's everything..... :)

      Oh wow. Sounds like fun!

      I'll just only be playing inFamous(playing it as evil Cole) and RDR. And maybe Uncharted 2. Chances are I won't though.

        And I just threw in some Killzone 2 and now off to Batman Arkham Asylum!

    Going to play some SC2, maybe a lil bit of cod4. Then get my ass handed to me (again) at sf4(pc).

    I'm loving Bioshock 2 this weekend!

    Just Cause 2 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

    I'm enjoying JC2, but it's taking me ages to beat because I never feel like playing for more than an hour at a time. Not good for such a huge game.

      Damn I wish I could find someone to play Peace Walker with co op...

    SC2 Beta Phase 2!!!
    and probably some fifa goodness =D

    Since my 360 has been on a RRoD holiday (did it earn it? 2 years of working, then it gets envious of the new slim model in town and gives up).
    So the Wii and PS3 have been getting lots of love, MGS4, SMG, Trauma Team.. AND I've been digging around to sell things on eBay, rediscovered my GBA Micro along with Fire Emblem and Super Mario World (it's criminal that my attention span never let me past the first world).

    Finishing up Darksiders and then some Monkey Island 2 SE.

    I'll be collecting Green Stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2, slaughtering Kremlins in Donkey Kong Country 2 and buliding... things in Minecraft.

    When I reformatted earlier this year I forgot to save my Torchlight saves.
    So, yesterday, I started again.
    Loving it!

    Recently ordered the expansions for both Dragon Age & NWN2 so one way or the other I'll be hacking and slashing monsters to get my eye back in

    With the expansion pack and performance patches out, probably ARMA II. Going back to play through KOTOR again as well.

    Monster Hunter Tri and Transformers: War for Cybertron. WFC campaign is AMAZINGLY good. Great acting and action.

    Tri, I'm finally properly getting into after only playing a few hours at release.

    Also, no doubt there will be some TF2 in there at some poing, maybe some NSMB and Bioshock as well.

    Finished Arkham Asylum during the week, now I just want to try to get all those Riddler challenges. And with the anouncement of DLC for Red Dead, I'll be returning to the West.

    I was playing Need for Speed Undercover. But the AI is a cheating piece of **** that defies physics in order to win so I ragequit. Then I tried playing Dark Void, but it glitched at the end of a mission, ruining half an hour of playing. I ragequit. I try playing Army of Two the 40th day. OH HEY GUESS WHAT IT GLITCHED AT THE END OF A BIG BATTLE SO I'LL HAVE TO DO THAT ALL OVER AGAIN AS WELL.


    While I should probably finish the last couple of missions in Red Dead Redemption, I'll probably be spending my time playing War for Cybertron's multiplayer, or Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I'm up to the green stars :P)

    StarCraft 2 beta all the way!!! Maybe with StarCraft 1 in between if I find myself stuck on the old bucket of bolts too often...

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