What DirectX 11 Is, And What It Means To You

What DirectX 11 Is, And What It Means To You

Gizmodo has a great piece up on DirectX 11 and all its associated buzzwords.

It’s paradigm-breaking and synergetic, but more importantly it explains what the hell Tessellation is, how it’ll improve hardware performance even without a DX11 GPU, and has some hardware benchmarks. Check it out!


  • Tessellation is awesome! I can’t believe I bought a GTX 295 6 months ago and now this. Arrgg, gonna have to fork out again.

    • Nature of the PC gaming beast. Actually the most awesome things about directX 11 as far as i’m concerned are Direct Compute and a more flexable shader model. Allows for much greater software tuning, same sort of stuff used to tweak up engines and introduce new graphics tech on consoles.

      Also with direct compute developers and middleware providers will be able to use GPU accelerated functions for things like physics without the need for propriatary formats (ala Nvidia CUDA and PhysX). Should make for a much more level playing field.

      DX9 is to heavily rooted in the old Hardware feature mind set, it really irk’s be when people carry on about not needing more than directx 9.

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