What Graham Annable Did, With A Flair For The Odd

Who would create the weird world featured in Puzzle Agent, the Fargo-meets-Prof-Layton-meets-something adventure game from Telltale Games?

The talented Graham Annable, who talks about his unusual career path in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip provided by Telltale.

Annable's vision for games can be seen in Puzzle Agent, which is out now for PC and Mac and will be coming out later this month for the Wii's download service WiiWare as well as iPad and iPhone.


    He's so right - Curse of Monkey Island should have been an example of future games to come. Sadly it wasn't and MI went ugly ass 3D, but 2D is most definately getting life again of late. And this game (Puzzle Agent) was great, albeit short.

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