What Is Missing From This God Eater Cosplay?

God Eater, Namco Bandai's Monster Hunter clone, is popular in Japan. So popular that it recently had its own festival in Akihabara, complete with some cosplayer lady. Something is missing...

Oh, right. A LARGE SWORD. So there you go!

Monster Hunter also has had its own festival in the past. So a God Eater festival is really par for the course.

As of January 3 this year, the demo for God Eater had been downloaded over a million times in Japan, and when the title was released this February, Namco Bandai shipped a half million copies of the game.

Namco Bandai has recently revealed God Eater Burst for Japan. That's the updated version of the game that will be released in North America next year.

GOD EATERフェス 半ケツ下乳「アリサ」のコスプレ [アキバBlog]


    whats it with the japanese obsession with ridiculously large swords? are they just compensating for something else?

    You put the wrong picture on the front page, I was staring at the sword going WHAT THE HELL IS MISSING D:

    Would you all hate me if I said the answer to "WHAT IS MISSING" was "Boobs"? I totally thought the lady with the sword was censoring the cardboard standee behind her or something:)

    See the skirt? The wind is missing....

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