What Is Your Game Of The Half-Year?


    damn it no operation arrowhead to pick so i guess ill just have tie between RDR and Darksiders

    Gotta be ME2. Although i did enjoy alot of the other games on the list (so far this is one of the best years of gaming for me), nothing except ME2 has had that OMG factor that made me want to break all my bones by jumping out a window to get an early copy of the game and then after playing it, not regret it later.

    Wow, whts really depressing is that i haven't played ANY of those titles yet due to my tenancy to always buy the older, cheaper games.

    In fact the only newer game i have played is war for cybertron - so i'll just vote for that by default, even though it's not up there

      maybe if u spent less time trolling kotaku u would have time to play some games! Might also have something to do with your $20/week gaming budget...hell My fiance and i spend that each week on the psn alone!

        Are you really having a go at someone for not spending as much time and money on games as you? WOW..... Thats really sad.

        Congratulations on being able to afford $20 on PSN, and no doubt at least that amount on buying games each week. You are my hero, clearly better than Chuloopa who only ever seems to work and post on here (a lot) with interesting and relevant comments. Your fiance is incredibly lucky ... ...

        On topic I'm going for ME2 not just for the enjoyment I had with the revised gameplay, but also for making me feel so invested in my shepherd. The suicide mission made me feel proud of my team, a great feat of storytelling.

        Well, if we're going down that road, I spend on average about $20-30 on gaming related stuff each week also. Does that make me awesome too?

        Seriously, what's with all the trolling today? Comment approvalist taking a nap? (No offence Kotaku Overlords!)

      I'll throw in a vote for WFC too.

      Going from the poll options though, I'm tied between Bayonetta and Mass Effect 2 (though ME2 would have more hours sunk into it), followed closely by SC: Conviction (haven't managed to play enough coop).

    Dave can we really count SMG2 as game of the half year its really the 2nd half even if we are 2 weeks past it

    on another note wheres stalker

    i cant actually bring myself to vote on any of the sequels there that i actually played merely because imo there all shadows of what they should have been

    tho darksiders was fun(even if its just to satiate my zelda need between years)

      SMG2 is borderline, I know. But many of you were playing it in June.

      If someone else wants Stalker, I'll add it to the poll.

    Well I voted, but have reservations doing so.

    I kind of feel that to accurately determine my game of the half year I should have played them all. When in fact I've only actually played two of them, despite owning four of them. Of the two that I've played I've only completed one, and would barely consider the small interaction I've had with the other as extensive enough to form an opinion.

    Tough call between ME2 and Alan Wake.

    Alan Wake it is.

    "There are 65 billions cows and pigs in the world."

    No Demon's Souls, so I went for SSFIV

    I really need to pick up Red Dead Redemption one day.

    I've played some really good games this year, alot of them are on the list, but at the moment I can't go past Red Dead Redemption.

    Sure it might be just GTA in the Wild West, but they tailored all the extra side missions of GTA into their Western equivalent.

    Each area looked different, but each of them were brilliantly crafted. Hunting was the most enjoyable, but I also can't believe how addictive collecting flowers became.

    Heavy Rain would be my second choice, they brought something different to the table and I was satisfied with the story (aside from that 1 scene in the antique store)

    I'd vote ME2, but I refuse to help Bioware justify the direction they're taking with Dragon Age 2!
    Bad Company 2 it is...

    My vote goes to Nier, though I don't think I will get another vote of support on that one.

    I feel a bit bad that I've only played three out of the list, and still haven't gotten deep into Alan Wake. I passed on ME2 since I hadn't played the first and wanted to do that first while the price dropped. Still haven't done that. Whoops.

    For me, it has to be RDR. I loved the entire experience. Haven't been so sucked into the world and poured my gaming hours so heavily into everything about a game for quite a while. I also feel very proud that it's a game where I did the side missions and ambient challenges while I was still doing the story. Usually I'll do side missions but leave the challenges then never go back. Only sour taste I have from it was my last bounty mission glitched so I did the bastard 11 times before I hit 100%. But I adored it. Something will have to blow me away for weeks to knock it off my GOTY.

    The only game I have on that list is GOW3 is that doesn’t even come close to being a great game. I’d be amazed if that game gets a single GOTY nomination. How it got such high scores is beyond me. I think this technically doesn’t count, but the best game I got this year was probably a tie between Dragon Quest 5 and Etrian Odyssey.

      lol where's this coming from, GOW3 isn't even close to winning

      Take the hate elsewhere

    Wanted to pick Battlefield, but couldn't turn down Red Dead. Such a brilliant game both online and off.

    Transformers. Can someone else mention it to get it on the list? Not sure if it's my pick though.

      While it certainly isn't the best game this half-year, it does deserve some praise. It's even better if you happen to be a Transformers fan (yay!).

    It was a toss up between RDR and ME2 for me, although Just Cause has eaten more of my time than any other game this year.
    I didn't vote for SMG2, only because it was released after june finished.
    RDR edged out ME2 because it was such a complete experience and there was a variety of stuff to do.
    And for creating a sandbox world with engrossing characters.

    Demon's Souls.

    Glad to see RDR holding fort at the time of writing this. Simply an amazing game...

      I am shocked that it is not kicking the crap out of the other games. RDR was the best this year.

    Damn no AVP or Metro 2033. Spose i'll go with Bioshock 2 then...

    I'd have to say Demon's souls, even with the superfluous apostrophe. It's really the only one even remotely challenging, and it's not even on the list!
    RDR and Darksiders from the selection, for the enjoyment factor alone. Honorable mention to ME2.
    Didnt mind Nier either, it was still worlds better than that other square-enix abortion.

    I'd vote Metro 2033, which isn't on the list. Most atmospheric game I've played through, with a great story (awesome ending!), and so many intense and incredible moments throughout the game, such as staring down the Librarians in the Library. There's still a couple minor issues, like the amount of bullets it can take to kill human enemies. Sure, you're using dirty ammo with old destroyed guns against men in full body armour. But 4 shotgun rounds to their face at point blank is still not enough at times. That's just a small blight on an otherwise perfect product.

    Loving FPS games from the Ukraine at the moment (STALKER and Cryostasis too). Can't wait for Metro 2034.

    My personal favourite has been Endless Ocean 2.

    darksiders was a great game but im gonna go mass effect 2

    So far this would be my top five, although I've yet to play a couple of potential candidates.

    Mass Effect 2
    Heavy Rain
    God of War III
    Yakuza 3 (included by AU release)

    Mass Effect 2.

    I am loving RDR, Alan Wake, Battlefield, Darksiders et all... but my mind keeps coming back to ME2.

    Mass Effect 2. Been some other good games this year but the DLC, gameplay and story keep bring me back for another run through.

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