What Would You Like To Ask Steve Fawkner?

We'll be speaking with Steve Fawkner, CEO of Melbourne-based studio Infinite Interactive, a bit later on.

You may have heard of the Warlords series, Puzzle Quest, Galactrix... Yep, that's him! And his upcoming game, Puzzle Quest 2, is set to be released locally next week.

So go on, pick his brain. What would you like to ask Steve Fawkner?


    Any chance of Galactrix or Puzzle Quest 2 on iPhone/iPad...?

    I can't stand playing puzzle games on console and I don't like sitting at my PC for hours on end, so handheld is the way to go for me. I played the pants off Puzzle Quest on both PSP and again on iPhone...

      ps not a question, but I loved Warlords growing up. I still hear "your quest has failed!" in my head when I screw up doing something.

        Forget the iPad, Android is it.

        I'm starting to make a decent amount of money advertising on Android Apps. Get in Now, Avoid the rush in a years time

          Yeah, forget it. They've only sold three million of the things in a couple of months. What a terrible market...?

    How does it feel to, in a way, be representing Australia when it comes to A-grade games.

    We all know Australia has had it's fair share of great games, but how does it feel to be contributing to this in such a big way, especially considering Australia's much smaller population density in relation to other countries.

    Next week? wow, I must have a magic time travel Xbox, I was playing Puzzle Quest 2 all weekend!

    Question for Steve:
    What was the rationale behind changing the overworld in Puzzle Quest 2 from the strategy game type map to a more quasi-3D-isometric player view?

    How did the idea for Puzzle Quest come about?

    The state of the games industry is pretty bleak at the moment. If you decided to try the indy route how would you go about it and would you recommend it?

    Will Puzzle Quest 2 ever be released on iPhone? It's the ideal platform for it in my mind. I have PQ1 on both DS and iPhone but the iPhone version gets played so much more, whenever I have a spare 30 seconds I whip it out. Actually, on that note, will multitasking ever be implemented for PQ1 on iPhone?

    Hi Steve, I know how badly the GFC affected game studios in Australia, and I2 was no different. Do you think the worst of that is past? Are publishers a little more ready to splash cash? Also, what does this mean for employment in the industry? It's hard enough to crack into it, let alone when there is a shortage of work.


    What was the hardest part of creating a sequel to a breakaway hit like Puzzle Quest, and what lessons did you learn from Galactrix that contributed to the development of Puzzle Quest 2?

    Did you have to make any special licensing or copyright agreements with Popcap to use a variant of Bejeweled when you were making Puzzle Quest?

    Why are all the coolest people who have anything to do with gaming have bugger all hair?

    What was the first game you played?

    Ps can't wait for PQ2

    puzzle quest 2 came out last week

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