What's On Good Game Tonight?

From the humorous, to the macabre... to the just plain punishing, Good Game offers up a great selection of game reviews this week.

* It’s finally had an Australian release – we put ourselves through the deliciously torturous hell that is Demon’s Souls. I died. A lot.

* The haunting, sinister XBLA download Limbo gets rated by us – this indie game won awards for its beautiful art and design.

* Annnnnnd Deathspank – wearer of the purple thong, bearer of the hugest sword known to man... We review that too.

PLUS! Bajo brings us a 5-up – our pick of the all-time best video game controllers.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8.30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7.25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

Til next week, Hex


    Well could be worth watching this week with Deathspank and Limbo being reviewed... but Demons Souls.. where were you guys on that one when it ACTUALLY came out... it's been a little while now...

      Demon's Souls is actually a request from their forumers (or something), so you can hardly rag on them for being "slow".
      And then, even if they did review it when it came out here, someone else would probably label them as being "slow" for not importing it.
      I think that due to their wacky weekly scheduling, you watch them for their thoughts on a game, rather than them making up your mind on if you want to buy a super new release game that may or may not be released, say, tomorrow.

    I would be interested to see which people prefer out of the Xbox controller and the Playstation controller. Getting past all the fanboyism would be hard, and then the simple fact of what people are used to as well.

    I personally think the Xbox controller is perfect. It is very similar to the Playstation controller in layout but I think it is much more comfortable to hold, it feels like it was moulded around the natural placement of your hands.

    I prefer the trigger set up than the PS and even though the shoulder buttons aren't perfect I find it easier than the playstation, I think the R1/R2 L1/L2 buttons are too close together and dont have enough feedback on them.

    I have heard some people complain about the joysticks not being aligned like they are on the PS controller and though this may be a fair point I don't like how the PS sticks are close together towards the centre of the controller, it feels strange to reach in that far, I also prefer the length of the sticks, it feels like you have more control when there is a bigger difference between no movement and full movement in a direction.

    Just my thoughts, anyone have a different idea?

      I've always thought the 360 controller is the most functional and comfortable design out there, I'd be pretty surprised if Good Game come to a different conclusion. (Definitely not a 360 fanboy, have all consoles and 360 was the last on my list)

      I agree. Holding the dualshock controllers just annoys me, they're so uncomfortable and the joysticks are just in awkward positions. The 360 controller feels really natural.

    wheres a bargain hunter for starcraft 2 $69 at dick smith

    What colour hair will Hex have tonight?

    I'll stick with Yahtzee for my game reviews!

      Spoiler alert for Zero Punctuation:

      Everything sucks!

        I like watching them, but he makes me feel bad for liking games he bashes on his reviews lol.

        Also... Limbo is awesome, but im stuck near the start where you need to cross the water and the spider is chasing you! Ive tried everything!

    i find hex arrogant

      If you're going to bash Hex, go away. She's a co-host of the show now, and she has been for a while. Get over it.

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