When All Else Fails, Try Selling Your NES For $US35,000

Several months back, a rare NES game sold for more than $US40,000. It's not one of the 42 games offered along with an NES in this eBay lot but you know what is? The eternal thanks of the seller.

Calling it the "Best Original NES Bundle Package on eBay", seller ronald3868 says it's going for the super generous price of 35 large because "I am down on my luck need to pay bills living pay check to pay check".

Further, it is "the only thing I can say I own 100%. to some a nes system could mean nothing but to me its priceless. I hate to part with it but i need the money."

ronald3868 promises to "show you my bills and credit report to verify" his dire straits, "and I will give proof that the bills got paid." He also wants to, if possible, personally hand the goods to the winner and express his thanks.

Could be a scam, could be a publicity hound. Who knows. But as someone who's hung around plenty of Public Storages, magistrate offices, shitty apartment complexes, payday loan shopfronts, bus stations and free clinics - not to mention Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for A's day games - and as a guy who's had neighbours try to pawn all sorts of hardware, porn, weapons and bullshit to me on the 29th of the month, this appeal does ring of the plaintive honesty you hear from people who just can't get out of their own way. Good luck to him, and anyone contributing.

If This Sells For $US35,000, I Will Sh*t Myself [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Shouldn't coil the leads like that around the controllers... ruins the cable.

    The most I've paid for a NES was $200 for the rare Toploader, which is better because it doesn't get cart read errors from the prongs getting old.

      $200 dollars? Fairly sure I saw one at Gametraders for $99.

    If he needed the cash so bad he'd have started a dedicated charity. This is just pointless.

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