When Cheating Makes Brain Age Fun

Brain Age isn't the most enjoyable of DS games played straight. Playing it through an emulator that lets you substitute answers for stupid doodles sure fixes that.

This "speed run" isn't terribly fast - indeed, it'd be faster writing the actual answers - but it's way more fun, as by using an emulator they're able to substitute proper answers for pictures, which by mimicking the game's means of detecting stylus strokes tricks it into thinking they're the actual answers.

[via Wired]


    Who ever was doing the drawing is very good at it if you ask me.

    That was completely awesome for so many reasons.

    They must have somehow paused the game or something. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but drawing to that level of detail (and accuracy, look at how straight some lines are) in that amount of time would be impossible naturally. Otherwise we have some legendary ninja wasting their life with an emulator and not saving the world.

    wish i was that good at math...

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