When Did Peter Molyneux Jump The Shark?

You could point to any number of occasions in which Peter Molyneux, the man behind classics like Populous and Fable, jumped the proverbial shark. But when does Peter Molyneux think Peter Molyneux jumped the shark?

"I've got a Fonz 'shark moment' - you know, where he's jumped over a shark on his motorbike... and after that Happy Days was s***," he tells GI.biz. "My inverse one of those was when I thought of the idea in Black & White of introducing weather patterns in the game that were the same outside your window, that was my 'shark moment'."

"Fortunately I woke up and thought: 'Why the f*** did I do that?' If you lived anywhere in the world, you don't want the weather in the game to be outside your window... you want the opposite. It was a dumb, stupid idea."

I'd have thought Black & White itself was Molyneux jumping the shark, but I'm a tired old cynic!

Microsoft's Peter Molyneux [GI.biz]


    I'd say Peter Molyneux solidly launched himself over a variety of sealife whilst strapped to a rock with this quote:

    "I want to introduce a new revolution in storytelling... Films, TV, even hallowed books, are just rubbish because they don't involve me... It's a sea of blandness."

    Tch Black and White wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't as good as P.M. made it sound like it would be.

      It was a terrible game. It barely was a game.
      It was 5 similiar stages of an overhyped sandbox.

    This pisses me off. That weather effect and the voice whispering your name late at night are two of the things I remember most fondly about B&W. How is it bad to put quirky fun things in your games?

    I don't even know why this pisses me off so much, but I guess it's the fact that the guy who developed the games I loved so much has no idea why I liked them...

    As a Molyneaux fanboy I have to say that though his games frequently disappoint as a whole the ambition and vision that they always display are remarkable.

    I liked B+W.
    The moment PM jumped the shark was when he started at MICROSOFT. lol


      I'd say Black and White 2 aswell.

      Yeah, I'm going with Black and White 2 also.

      That said... I still enjoy his games, and I loved Fable 2.

    i know what molynaux is trying to do with story telling, and hes scratching at it, but he just hasnt hit the mark yet.

    Books are unique in that, because they play out in your mind, you can imagine what it would feel, smell, taste, look and hear what it would be like, if you were in the book. Games only have access to at most 2 and a half; sight, sound and touch (touch being the vibrations from the controller)

    he needs to first create a world in which is vibrant and beautiful, to have people walk by, laughing and smiling, talking to each other. Watch as kids play tag, see an old man asleep while trying to fish. Hear the wind blowing, the birds chirping.

    Next he needs to make the inhabitants acknowledge the hero, having the hero as the center of the universe just doesn't cut it, have the kids run up to the dog and play with it, have the hero give the kids a ball to play with the dog, watch as they run off with the ball and the dog chases them, hear them laughing.

    Adults should walk past and only be like welcome back, lionheart, i hope your adventure was a success, while continuing to walk away. it should have a few girls wanting the heroes attention but not the whole village, you should be able to tell them to go away politely and have them giggle and run out of sight.

    You shouldnt just be able to propose to a girl by the end of the game because everyone loves you, you should have to work for it, go on dates, do the whole dating milestones, go to the pub have a few drinks, feel the beating of your heart through the controller as you ask the girl of your virtual dreams to marry you.

    when you have a son or daughter, they should be able to run up and tackle your dog and have the 2 roll around laughing and playing, see your child play with the other kids, run to your wife pick her up and swing her around, kiss her.

    jobs should be meaningful and at the end of the day you should be able to put your son/daughter to bed, tell them a story about your adventures.
    when you do plan to leave for an adventure your kid should run up and tell you to bring him back a sword and your wife should fret over you leaving.

    enemies should be less predictable, bandits should fight dirty, your dog should actually do something.

    that, my friends, is an emotionally engaging world.

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