When Steam Sales Go Wrong

When Steam Sales Go Wrong

Bargain-tastic Dragon Age bundle, as seen on Steam.

[Thanks Blake D, for the tip!]


  • This must happen quite a bit. A Steam sale of Spore in the last year had a package bundle that was more expensive than the individual components it contained. Buyer beware!

  • They should realised they’ve slipped up and try to play off the additional $10 as postage and handling.

  • I thought this post was going to be about Dragon Age being offered accidently for free or something. I had the Steam store booted up ready to go and everything 🙁

  • I noticed something similar a while back, when they sold heroes 5 and its expansions for $20. Meanwhile you could buy all 3 individually for $5 each. I’ve got a screenshot of it lying around somewhere.

  • Worst thing is, it’s only $29.95 for DA:O in the US (the package price is $59.98, so no discount but not more expensive).

    US$40 extra for Aus audiences is beyond disgusting, even without the $10 “premium” for packaged content!

    I got a physical copy from eBay (new and sealed) for AU$30 (including postage and insurance) instead.

  • Ehh, no biggie, this kinda stuff happens all the time everywhere.

    The newsagent up the street from me has had a sign up for ages offering

    “5 x $2 scratchies, $10.75”

  • I believe the 2K special during the summer sales was more than the sum of its parts. Thankfully the discount meant you still got a deal though.

    • 2K not Ripping you off (Esp if you are Aussie) = an amazing deal almost to good to be true and probably an illusion of the eyes……

  • This isn’t a sale price per se. It appears that they’ve dropped the price of Awakening purposely or accidentally in Australia to be the same as the US price. I’m betting the later considering that Origins is still dearer here, and that the packaged price hasn’t decreased (hence this article).

    Essentially, If you’re in Australia and haven’t bought Awakenings yet, do so now before Valve turns up to work on Monday their time and fix the mistake.

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