When Video Games Go Wrong

Most of the time, video games work like they're supposed to. Most of the time. Sometimes, though, they don't, and sometimes, the way they don't can be horrifying.

These bugs and graphical errors on PC games go beyond the annoying or frustrating. They're not the kind to just crash your game or freeze up your PC. They're the kind that give you nightmares, wondering when you'd signed out of Windows and signed into the realm of Gozer the Gozerian.

Most of these pics come from the "I Get Your Fail" blog, which we've featured before, but since it's been a while - and many of you weren't with us last time - let's feature it again.

You may recognise some of these games - Bad Company 2 and Counter-Strike are obvious - but others might be a bit of a stretch. Unless you're a previous victim of a Bohemia Interactive war game, that is.


    man some of the horror developers oughta take some cues from the freakier of these and incorporate such things deliberately into their games

    I knew I shouldn't have clicked this link. Sigh.

    OMG I'm gonna have nightmares!

    Don't have the pictures on me anymore, but the first time I played STALKER: SoC I ran into some bugs where everything but the HUD on the screen turned into a tiled display of...
    Like, wrapped up meat. It's odd too, 'cause I don't think I ever saw that texture on anything in the actual game. It also did the same thing another time but with one of the gun's textures.

    Heres one of mine from COD4.


    Some of these are actually pretty cool looking and others look like they should be in Dead Space.

    That third one and the second last one... *shudder*

    Better than any of those:

    This is from the classic game Goldeneye 64.
    Apparently if you slowly remove the cartridge by tilting it just right, you cause some freaky shit to happen with the character models.

    Watch the video. It's very, very funny.

    This is mine from a while ago...


    Good times.

    I gotta throw the Cougar Man from Red Dead into this mix. That guy is terrifying.


    The fifth one reminds me of the poster for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    "Illusion"...? The 6th one is from a porn game ('Real Kanoujo' if I guess correctly)!

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