When's Nintendo Revealing The Nintendo 3DS Release?

At this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, Nintendo showed its 3D-glasses-free portable, the Nintendo 3DS, for the first time publicly. It did not give the game a release date.

However, the company stated today that it will announce the release period and the price this September. The exact date for this reveal is September 29 so mark your calendars.

Nintendo first announced the Nintendo 3DS this March.

Bloomberg.co.jp: チャート/分析 [Bloomberg Japan]


    You telling me I need to wait to learn how long I need to wait? Guh. Why couldn't Nintendo just tell us at E3 :(

    "It did not give the game a release date"

    Shouldn't that be system/handheld instead of game?

    So far, we know that it'll be before march 2011, so that's the worst possible outcome.

    Best possible outcome? Christmas 2010

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