Where The Xbox 360's Achievements Come From

The Xbox Engineering Blog isn't the place you'd expect to find a ripping good read, but that's exactly what you'll find there today, with a post detailing the history and implementation details for the Xbox 360's "achievements".

Microsoft's Vince Curley, Xbox LIVE & Platform Architect, reveals that during the testing and planning of what's probably the Xbox 360's most defining characteristic, some of the things most treasured by gamers in relation to achievements nearly didn't make the cut. The pop-up notification informing you of an unlocked achievement, for example, was a "last-minute addition", as was the distinctive chime that plays when you manage it.

Curley also provides a look at the first ever achievement icon, some of the code involved in awarding an achievement and what developers need to do with their achievements in order to get Microsoft's blessing.

To read the whole thing, head to the link below.

Achievements Unlocked [Microsoft]


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