Where To Find Animals In Red Dead Redemption (So You Can Shoot Them)

A key timewaster in Red Dead Redemption is hunting animals. Statistics prove that many of you have done quite a bit of it. But where to find those pesky beavers, bats and unicorns?

There are no unicorns. Sorry. There should be, but there aren't. The beavers and bats though, you'll find them "west of the Pacific Union Railroad Camp and north of Beecher's Hope" and Tumbleweed/Thieve's Landing respectively.

Those two nuggets can be found among many more on Rockstar's official guide to the wild critters of Red Dead Redemption, available over on the game's official site.

It's pretty handy; I didn't even know there were bats in the game, or ducks for that matter, so if you'll excuse me, I've got some wild animals to spot, then shoot.

Rockstar Game Tips: Hunting Wildlife in Red Dead Redemption (Part 3) [Rockstar]


    I couldn't stop laughing at the title of this story.

      And if you ever do stop, there's always that excellent unicorn joke to keep you going.

    The sneaky ones are seagulls around Blackwater. You don't realise they're seagulls until you've shot 'em and taken their feathers. :D

      Perhaps you should turn the volume up on your TV then.

      You can quite clearly hear the sound of seagulls. Do you live rurally or something?

    I think its interesting how much stuff Rockstar has taken upon itself to publish. Keeping the likes of Wowhead and Allakazham out of business by going some way to doing this kind of 'research' for us.

    BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

    I killed all 26 species and got the achievement. I really enjoyed hunting in this game so any chance to chase down a wild animal and shoot it was my pleasure. Mind you, I did have to look up the last four species that I couldn't find or I would have never found them (owl, pig, seagul and duck).

    I was kind of hoping this would be more geared toward finding animals while playing online. I imagine they had to cut down on them a bit to try and cut down on lag or processing power required for multiplayer, but it can be kind of hard to find the animals for the challenges.

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