Where Were You In 1998?

The first StarCraft game was released in March 1998. That was 12 years ago. So much has changed. So have I. And the smart money says so have you.

In 1998, I was a student at Cornell. I hadn't really used email before university, and I didn't use online sources for any of my papers. I checked books out from the library and then carried them home! Card catalogues and the Dewey Decimal system were sometimes involved.

I spent that summer in LA working at Quentin Tarantino's distribution company. Los Angeles had just banned smoking in restaurants, something that made smoking difficult. (I have since quit!) I bought lots of magazines and spent my free time hanging out at the Virgin Megastore in the Beverly Centre (now closed, I think) or at the Tower Records on Sunset (now closed). I drove a Buick, and it did not have a television in it nor did it have cameras for blind spots or a navigational system.

In 1998 I had not yet started learning Japanese. I was studying French. French! And Spanish. Both of which I have not used since 1998.

Kotaku did not exist.

I had a mobile phone, but it could not send text messages. It was not in colour either, but I could play "Snake" on it! You didn't have to take your shoes off at the airport. If I remember correctly, you could even meet people at the gate instead of on the other side of security.

Other things that happened that year: Bill Clinton was caught up in a sex scandal, James Cameron was "king of the world" when Titanic won a whole bunch of Oscars, the first euro coins were minted, Tom Cruise was not crazy, Hong Kong closes the airport that was featured in Chungking Express, France won the World Cup, Google was founded, Armageddon ruled the box office, Frank Sinatra and Akira Kurosawa died, Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris's homerun record, Dawson's Creek was on TV, the US tried to remove Saddam Hussein, Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered, Mel Gibson was not crazy, Jesse Ventura became Governor of Minnesota, Bob Kane died, Clinton was finally impeached and the Dreamcast was released in Japan.

Where were you in 1998?


    In 1998 I was probably playing FFVII on my PS1. I didn't even have access to a PC at home until late 1998 when my parents got one so I could stand a chance at uni the following year. It was a POS department store PC too. Ugh the horror! A far cry from the custom rig I have now that I *gasp* built myself.

    A dablled briefly with PC gaming on my win98 intergrated graphics monster and besides DOS games my computer stuggled with just about everything I threw at it.

    It wouldn't be until 2009 when I built my first PC that I got into PC gaming in a big way but I guess as a result of that PC centric sim titles and RTS games have never really done it for me. PC RPG's like Baldars Gate or now Dragon Age on the other hand....

    Playin' Starcraft

    In 1998 I was in year 12 at school. We played a fair bit of starcraft 2 at my mates house via LAN.

      Year 12 also.... but no SC for me. I think I was playing the original warcraft then?? not sure when that or the second one were out? Would have been one of them.

      There were also no consoles in my life then. What a sad time. I am happy now with all 3... thanks life!

    All I have to say is Halflife.

    King Of Fighters '98

    I was 6. So I can't really remember that well. I was probably hitting up SC though.


    I had just moved to Australia, was 15, and was re-buying an N64. If I remember rightly, that was about the time that GoldenEye started to consume my life.

    Soon after, however, I got a 233 Mhz MONSTER computer and my parents installed a second phone line for it, so I was playing modem StarCraft with a friend for as long as my Diablo (I&II) addiction would allow.

    And now? I'm writing a doctoral thesis on videogames. And the government is paying me to do so. :P

    I was 10, and my parents had instigated a strict 'no console' policy for my house.

    It wasn't as extreme as you'd think, my parents(being computer programmers who sometimes worked from home) always had the most up-to-date computers at home, so the reasoning was that we wont waste money on consoles because we can play PC games.

    God i love my parents. Starcraft, Diablo and Half-Life were all a billion times better than any console game. Ever

    In 1998 I was 11 and spent most of my time playing outside (remember what that was like?), because my dad banned the TV and we only had one computer which had no internet, so it was boring.

    Although, every now and then, I did go to a neighbour's house and play Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart and Mario Party on their Nintendo 64. If the game froze, we would turn over the cartridge and blow out the problem.

    A few years later, I was introduced to Counter-Srike and StarCraft. Good times.

    I was in year 10 and I think I donated most of my spare time to Age of Empires.


    I was in Year 12, playing Metal Gear Solid on my Playstation, and unhealthy quantities of Quake 2 Deathmatch on PC (On my 56k dial-up connection =)) and lanning it up on StarCraft with my mates on weekends.

    Oh the memories.

    I'm pretty sure I had an 8 hour a day Starcraft addiction.

    Well actually it was 8 hours during the day and then about 4 hours from like 11pm till 3am.

    Of course I was supposed to be finishing an engineering degree...woops!

    starcraft and counter-strike

    Year 10 for myself. Spent most of my time at a mates place playing SC cause I didn't have the net. I mostly remember getting the shits at people disconnecting on me when I was winning.

    I was living in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and in my first year of school. I didnt own a gameboy, or a playstation, had no idea how to use a computer (which didnt work anyway) nor did I have any concept of the internet.

    Now Im comming up to the HSC (finally) living here in Australia and in the past 3 years have become an avid online gamer and before that I could only play singleplayer games.

    Playing Total Annihilation to be honest. I had just entered high school and the world was embracing the Intel Pentium II and nVidia Geforce for the first time. And the standard HDD size was about 5GB. How times change.

    I'm now working full time, have a computer with ATI and AMD. The standard HDD size now is 1TB. :)

    I was watching my brother play Super Mario 64 and acting as his Navi. :P

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