Where's Remember This?

Don't panic! Your favourite daily guess-the-old-game quiz has moved to a new timeslot. Remember This? will now appear at 12.30pm Monday to Friday.


    Really? Not sure if I'm a fan of the new timeslot. Seems a bit late in the day.

    I liked the 10am post as I can check it before or during morning tea break.

      Now you can check it during your lunch break!

        Fair call.

        Why the change of timeslot though?

          Just tweaking the format a little. You'll probably notice the mornings becoming more "newsy" and the afternoons featuring more culture and community type posts.

    My whole world has just come crumbling down - whatever am i to do now?!

    ... then again i've only guessed like one or two games... so this, in hindsight, is probably good for my already low morning-ego.

    OoOoOo! I know this one! It's from the obscure Kotaku: The Text Adventure!

      [[You are viewing the Kotaku message board.]]

      > Read 'Where's Remember This?' Thread

      [[The post entry states that the thread now shows at 12:30 PM.]]

      > Wait until 12:30 PM.


        [[You have been eaten by a Wildgruese

          [[You are in WildGruese's stomach. What do you do?]]

          > Light a match

          [[You can now see there is nothing in the stomache except for box of pop-rocks and three cans of cola]]

          > Pick up pop-rocks and cola

          [[This seems an odd time to eat]]

          > Mix pop-rocks and cola.

          [[Wildgruse's stomach fills with gas. He gives a laud belch and you fly out, landing safely in a pillow factor]]


            [[A wisened old man approaches, he is holding a sword]]
            [["It's lonely out here... you'll need a friend. Take this"]]
            > Take sword

              [[A Japanese game character with blond hair and a bad hair cut appears]]

              [["Give me back my sword"]]

              > Continue to hold onto sword.

              [[Turns out the character is a Cloud Strife and his sword is practically the size of a small car]]

              > Still continue to hold the sword

              [[You are crushed to death by the weight of the sword]]

              [[ GAME OVER.]]

              Hehehehehe. That was fun. Thanks guys.

    Change? I feel uneasy, somebody hold me!

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