Which Hollywood Actors Look Like Resident Evil Characters?

Resident Evil and its movie star doppelgangers. As seen by reader Bob. Thanks Bob!


    they aren't very good doppelgangers

    I've always said that Chris Evans should have played Chris Redfield

    Ashley and justin beiber. He just needs boobs.
    I agree with Leon and Jason ackles...except Jason jokes are a bit better.

    Some of them are spot on, Rosario Dawson as an African is shockingly BAD.

    Woo Haley Williams. I am in love with her.

    Why didn't they go for Michelle Van der Water for sheva, as this was the person it was based on....

    Haley Williams isnt a hollywood actor
    terrible doppelgangers only like 3 of them were good

    <3 Kristen Bell

    Cillian Murhpey got a huge laugh out of me. Perfect casting right there!

    So weird... Anton Yelchin died today and I just stumbled on this pic and saw him used for Steve... So sad...

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