Which Of These Girls Do You Want In Yakuza?

Sega is working on another new Yakuza game. Know what that means? Time to audition more hostesses.

As it did with past games in the franchise, Sega holds open auditions for young women hoping to appear in the game. Sega then selects finalists who are voted on. It's a popularity contest, and the winners appear in the finished game.

Last time adult video star Rio, star of films Rio Is A Squirting Young Wife and Let's Have Sex at School, auditioned and made her way into Yakuza 4.

The 16 finalists this time are a good mix of girls. There is Miyabi, a 21-year-old student from Kyoto.

And Hina. She works at her parents' sushi restaurant and appears to be into bunnies?

Ai Sakura is a 25-year-old Akihabara-style idol.

Haru is also 25 years old. She is the manager of an online shop.

There Yuka, a 21-year-old soccer instructor from Kyoto.

And there are also several actual hostesses, like Minami, who have made it to the finals.

Natsumi is a 21-year-old hostess from Osaka.

And this is Shihon, a 25-year-old hostess from Okayama.

Unlike last time, no porn actresses seem to have made the cut - however there is Yuria Hayashida, a 22-year-old "talent" from Osaka.

What is her talent?

Hayashida is a member of Ebisu Muscats, an idol group of 25 adult video stars and pin-up models. Rio told Yuria that the experience is nerve-racking, but a lot of fun.

The group was formed from a late night variety program that features pin-up models and porn actresses. Yuria does not appear to be either, but rather a hostess.

Members include the previously mentioned Rio as well as Aoi Sola. The group's first single, the innuendo heavy "Banana Mango High School", was released earlier this year.

Yep, the song's about fellatio!

Vote Here [Ryu Audition]


    Heh, #8 on the site auditioned for jpop group morning musume's 6th generation, apparently.

    I voted #2, she has a nice smile.

    If anyone wants to vote, go to the bottom of the site; pick the girl's name from the dropdown list (the number corresponds to the pictures above it), put in your email address, and then the catchpa code in the last field and click the button to the right.

    You'll get an email confirming your vote, but you don't have to do anything about it.

    no.2 for me.. wait now I feel extremely awkward.

    You wouldnt really like that band for their music, would you?

    Miyabi #2 or Haru #5.

    They both look hot.

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