Which Version Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Should You Buy?

Sci-fi game Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released on the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the PC. Three choices, so choose wisely, right? Nope! Relax.

Human Revolution producer David Anfossi told website VG247, "For Deus Ex, we decided to work on all platforms in parallel to give players the same experience."

Anfossi told the site that he has worked on games with lead platforms. "When we were close to the release date, we had to do a port," he said. "And believe me, you don't want to do that."

No, no I do not.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be out in early 2011.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution "experience" the same on all three platforms, says Eidos Montreal [VG247]


    PC for me probably.

    Being a programmer myself I can believe it. Being close to the end of the project and suddenly having to make the thing work on two more systems, each with there own boatload of new bugs to squash? Screw that.

      It's not only that, what about the underlying hardware architecture?

      PCs are x86, Wii and XBox 360 are PowerPC, and the PS3 uses a Cell chip.

      All of them are going to handle memory and process execution differently.

    so basically the pc version is going to suffer like the pc version of invisible war did because they decided to nerf it down for xbox?

      Oh god, this is what will happen EXACTLY. Deus Ex fans don't WANT the same experience as you can get on a PS3 and 360 because it's GUARANTEED to be a shallower experience. You simply can not make a game as deep on console as you can on a PC, it is simply not possible and for a series like Deus Ex that thrives on its unbelievable depth, that's a mortal blow.

      This post has completely killed any enthusiasm I had about this game in one swift stroke, and I STILL consider the original Deus Ex to be the greatest PC game of all time.

        Demon's Souls.

        I am originally a PC gamer, and like you I used to be a PC fundamentalist that complained anything on console was automatically "dumbed down for console."

        That's simply not the case any more. I'll give you an example: Mass Effect.

        Say what you want about control systems, but the game itself is far deeper than most PC games out there.

        As for DXIW, yes, it was simplified. But the gameplay was still more complex than most games on any platform.

        Also, the original Deus Ex was indeed deep, but I think you're overestimating the depth of the actual game. Also, huge amounts of complexity isn't always inherently good. Finally, and most importantly, several mechanics in DX were redundant and could've been removed from the game.

        My favorite games are still on the PC. But to think anything on console is automatically "kiddie" and "dumb" is beyond narrow minded.

        Get with the times. PCs are going and consoles are here to stay. Your shallow minded complaining of the game being "dumbed down" merely displays your own ignorance. Consoles are your friends. You'll find some pretty deep things on there. They're also far less prone to crashing and requiring graphic card updates.

    Why must they always say "same experience on all platforms". PC players don't want the same experience as playing on a console.

      I'm not a PC gamer, so what do the PC crowd want, or expect?

        No shoddy controls, optimised performance, no frequent bugs from the technical standpoint. From a gameplay standpoint, a good interface for skills and/or inventory that suits the mouse and keyboard. Mass Effect 2 got rid of weapon quickslots which was annoying if you liked to quick switch.

        There're plenty of things that can and have gone wrong when they make a multiplatform version of a game. Unfortunately, the PC is usually the one that suffers the most. Given that they're trying to make this game faithful to the original, I HOPE that all goes well for the PC cuz that's the version I'm getting.

          things usually get dumbed down for consoles. you are given auto targeting as you dont have the same accuracy with a controller as with a mouse, you are given simplistic controls based around a gamepad, because you dont have a keyboard.

          also the graphics and controls are usually fixed as everyone will be playing on the same hardware on a console, whereas on a pc we have varying specs, including top of the line configurations which are way more powerful than the current consoles and thus want to customise as much as possible and crank up the graphics as much as possible with AA/AF and shiny DX11 effects for example..

          "No shoddy controls"

          They are only shoddy if they were not *designed* properly in the first place.

          BioShock started out on the Xbox 360 before going multi and it worked fine.

          "optimised performance" "

          That is a developer issue, it has no bearing on the platform one uses. Take a look at the PS3. It's had its fair share of bad ports.

          "no frequent bugs from the technical standpoint"

          Again, that is a developer issue. It is not a problem with the hardware.

      The key word here is "experience". If a game is designed well, it should not batter *what* it is running on.

      If the game stinks on a console, it is going to stink on a PC, Mac or Atari 2600.

      Personally, I keep to consoles as PCs have been made useless thanks to Digital Rights Management (DRM). When it comes to console, it is all a matter of pick up and play.

      Where as for PCs, its a case of pickup and pray! It used to be cost and hardware/driver conflicts back in the past, but DRM has since made it the lease of any one's worries.

      The PC crowd should probably stop pirating games then.

        Piracy is multiplatform. It is not confined to PCs.

        Console gamers pirate games all the time, its called "Game Stop." That's why I don't understand why publishers distance themselves from the PC. We buy the game at retail, full price (money going to the devs) 95% of the time; console gamers basically have a glorified rental system through gamestop and every time they buy a second hand game the publishers are getting screwed. Console gamers lose money for the game devs but THEY get all of the love.

    Playing a Deus Ex game on anything but a PC... just seems wrong. Though it would be good to see some gameplay first. :(

    "You simply can not make a game as deep on console as you can on a PC"

    How so? Last I checked, immersion is independent of hardware.

    Either way, consoles are that powerful these days, there is close to no difference between PCs and consoles.

    The only problem I can see is there maybe compression issues on the 360 as they try to get all the graphics and sound to fit on the minimal memory it has.

    As for the PS3, it has even less memory but I have played both Uncharted games so I do not see compression being an issue there.

      Gah! Wrong hyperlink.

      My post is in response to Arcane Azmadi.

    Multiplatform games are inferior on [x platform] because the developer didn't get it right, not because [y platform] forced them to "nerf it" or "dumb it down". I honestly don't understand how some gamers can believe what they say in these sorts of discussions.

    I played right through Deus Ex & the multi-platform sequel Invisible War back-to-back on PC. In the sequel, the level maps felt smaller and more restrictive. The inventory interface felt simplified in a way that disappointed me compared to the first game, and the cut scenes of your cool chopper inserting & extracting you that were used as transitions in the original were dropped from the sequel. On the whole it seemed like a game that was less ambitious.. smaller and less configurable. So I can see why people complain that it was "dumbed down".

      I do not see why people would blame consoles for games being toned down.

      Has anyone though that the developers toned it down so they could target a bigger audience?

        ^ Well that equates to the same thing doesn't it? Bigger audience equals mass market equals casual players equals dumbed down.

    I think the point that people are missing with the very misleading 'dumbed down' argument is more the fact of shitty ports. Games designed for console then moved over to PC have had their thinking narrowed considerably from the get-go, but if it's implemented poorly (VERY common when it comes to menus and control customization, not to mention save points and other console-inspired annoyances), it leaves PC gamers with a foul taste in their mouth. Especially when some developers are so horribly lazy that they can't even be bothered to re-do their tutorials or keybinds and leave the A B X Y colour-coded symbols in place. I've seen it, but wiped the example games from my memory. Maybe others can cite for me.

    Also horrible, when high-res textures are never even considered beyond what the inferior-processor console can display. When you have a beastly machine, you want to use it.

    Example offenders: Resident Evil. Halo (1 and 2). Force Unleashed. Deus Ex Invisible War. Borderlands. Mass Effect. Alpha Protocol. Etc.

    Basically, PC-owners have VERY good reason to be wary of any game that is developed with consoles in mind - and that reason is past experience. They are rarely ported over well or to their full potential.

    The right way to do it is to acknowledge that the PC and Consoles target different users, and tune the game accordingly. Hopefully they had the foresight to do that. At the very least balance 'realistic' mode the way it was on the DX1 for PC players, and balance the easier modes for console players.

    The worst are compromises made to accommodate both players and control systems. I hope they didn't even try. Any lead who implements auto-aim on a 'hardcore' PC shooter because it's a port from the console really should be ashamed.

    Still, I am a bit concerned. I fear there will be copious tutorials and hints telling me exactly what I need to be doing all the time. Modern attention spans kill me.

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