While You Are Looking At The Giant Gundam...

Bandai Namco has brought its 1/1 scale Gundam statue back to life. It previously overlooked Tokyo's Odaiba, but has now been resurrected near the Gundam figure factory in Shizuoka, Japan. All this plastic mecha talk makes my tummy rumble!

Not only is there a 1/1 scale Gundam in Shizuoka, there is also a take-away stall version of the Akihabara Gundam cafe where folks can shell out money to eat food with Gundam logos on it.

Who's hungry? Hungry for giant Gundam?

alafista.com - A Fusion of Japan's Otaku and Popular Culture [Alafista]


    I used to be obsesed with Gundam about 10 years ago when i was little, before i questioned the logic fighting a war using a human shaped tank. Why not just build a regular tank which can fly and shoot all kinds of sh*t up?

      Because most of The One Year War was fought in space. Zion needed a combat vehicle that could open airlocks, easily traverse in and out of a vacuum and to be able to lift and carry salvage off the battlefield. The Zaku-II was only adapted to Earth like conditions because Zion didn't have the resources to re-make a whole army of tank and such.

    I was lucky enough to see this thing when it was on Odaiba Island last year.
    I'm not even a Gundam fan, but this thing was totally awesome...

    This sort of thing makes me want to get into it. I will get around to it someday :/

    I'm still waiting for a giant Mad Cat.

    Battletech FTW!

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