Who Is Going To Go Next Gen First?

Who Is Going To Go Next Gen First?

The Xbox 360 launched in 2005. The Wii and the PS3 hit in 2006. It’s the middle of 2010. Shouldn’t we be getting ready for new consoles?

Sony has stated repeatedly that the PS3 will have a 10-year lifespan. We don’t doubt that at all. The PS2 has gotten lengthy and steady support from Sony, and no doubt that the PS3 will get the same. That doesn’t mean that Sony can’t launch another console while it is supporting the PS3 in its later years.

So which of these companies will release new hardware first? According to Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida, “Looking from the outside, it was Microsoft that released the first of this generation of consoles. Naturally, in my opinion, Microsoft will make the first move… Or, because Nintendo’s approach was not to upgrade much on its basic hardware – Wii doesn’t even support HD resolution – so they might be the first to move.”

With the impending release of the Kinect motion controls, Microsoft is saying the Xbox 360 will have a 10-year life span.

“Probably the watch should be on these companies, in my opinion,” says Yoshida. “Because PS3 was later than Xbox, and is more powerful, so it has a longer lifespan.”

But who is ready for new consoles? A hi-def Wii would be great, because it looks blown out on my television. Not sure if a new Xbox or PlayStation are even necessary right now…No wait, I’m sure. They’re not!

Your move, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Sony: Watch our rivals go next-gen first [Develop via Kotaku Japan][Pic]


  • Well I would prolly play the wii more if it were high def. The look of it on my hdtv makes my eyes bleed.

    I also think that the 360 is starting to date and would be good to see a console in line with today’s video card and DX11.

    I think they big thing is making any new console backwards compatible.

    • Agreed. Graphics technology feels like it’s virtually ground to a halt in the last half a decade. The difference between a game from 2005 and now is nothing compared to a 5 year gap at any other point in gaming. I just want more games, I have no interest in a new console.

  • You’re going to find that MS will unveil its new console within the next 2 years and make it available most likely within 3, giving the 360 roughly an 8 year run, that’s a good assumption I would say. It leaves a good run for the 360, allowing titles like Mass Effect to complete their run for the ‘trilogy’ and allowing an overlap of generations as well.

    The thing I hope DOESNT happen is that Microsoft more or less in the 2nd year of production doesnt ditch the 360 like it did the original Xbox when the 360 came out. They should be like Sony and still support the former console for a few years, understanding theres money to be made there…

    • Well said. And I think they will do that with the 360.

      The difference now is, in each territory the 360 has surpassed the sales of the original Xbox. Xbox Live is massive where as on the Original Xbox, Live never took off that much. It was BIG for what it was at the time, but nothing MS would have stopped and thought “There is still a big community, we need to continue support.”

      Whilst the Xbox was failure in terms of MS losing money off it, it still a minor success. A great input against the PS2, it beat the GameCube and launched some of the best exclusives. It was a success in a lot of ways, just not enough for support to continue. I understand why MS did it and it makes total sense. Yeah it screwed us around however, but they kinda NEEDED to do it. Being ahead of the others, get started etc…

      I would be 99% certain that the 360 however WILL receive support. Especially with the “casual, family vibe” MS are now going for with Kinect & all…

  • I stated back in 2007 that the new 360 wouldn’t be unveiled until 2011 at earliest, and available Xmas 2012 at earliest. I still believe that. Though that’s the earliest I can bet, I think it’s closer to a 2013 release. And I do believe that they will release first, though they will support the 360 beyond the new console’s release.

    We still have at least one more Mass Effect, they are working on another Halo game, and they’ll likely have another Assassin’s Creed in 2 years.

    • Jeff, yep, agree with you fully. They’ll get their flagship titles out of the way, their big stuff, before they head into new territory for sure.

  • “Because PS3 was later than Xbox, and is more powerful…”

    I don’t think it is as black and white as this. In the context of hardware, ie CPU and GPU, both systems have their ups and downs. For example, the Xenos GPU in the Xbox 360 has 48 unified shaders which allow the game developers to optimise the shaders depending on what is needed most. This has an obvious advantage over the dedicated shader model the RSX GPU is using. Xenos also has daughter-die of 10MB eDRAM that allows developers to implement more ‘eyecandy’ at minimal cost to performance.

    Going on to the CPUs, I believe the PS3 Cell CPU has an advantage. Although the Xbox 360 Xenon has a tri-core design (3.2GHzx3) and SMT, the lower single-precision performance means it will ‘limp’ more if 3D rendering was offset to it. This is where the Cell helps to offset the slower RSX GPU. Due to the PS3s Cell having almost twice the single-precision performance, developers can use it to help render 3D and physics effects.

    The only time I think Yoshida’s comment is valid, is if he was talking about the platform as a whole. PS3 as a media center offers much more features due to the inclusion of BluRay, PlayTV, and the multiple streaming services. Gaming wise, I think the Xbox 360 offers slightly better performance and its Xbox Live service is second to none.

    • His reasoning is more flawed than that. Look at last generation: the PS2 came out first, was the weakest of the three consoles, but has had a significantly longer life span.

  • Mmm my belief if that each ‘gen’ will last longer and longer and the manufactures will rely on upgrades rather than new consoles.

    The Xbox 360 just received an upgrade for example. And looking at the DS, thats Nintendo’s strategy in avoiding releasing a new hand-held console. Heck the 3DS is still part of the DS line for me. I will not class it as the sequel to the DS, cause it ain’t.

    I completely disagree about the PS3 lasting longer cause its more powerful remark. Back to the upgrades part. This allows MS more things to work upon and upgrade with the 360. If the 360 does last the 10 years, as the PS3 would most likely, then I no doubt see a Blu-Ray addition in the works. Blu-Ray is going to become even MORE popular with 3D movies. People will seek quality with 3D movies.

    I still even see a Wii HD coming out aswell as a Wii with a DVD player. To me, that is Nintendos aim and strategy in the market. Upgrading and improving to make money. It’s smart, but cheap!
    Nintendo will probably be first to jump into the next-gen I believe but out of Sony and MS, which for me is what its all about, I see MS sneaking in first again. I just for some reason, still think its healthy for the Xbox to be ahead of the Playstation.

    I just hope MS don’t wait too long and then when all the rumours are flying about the PS4, they snap up something quick and cheap and the 360 launch/RRoD happens all over again! I would REALLY like to see a launch with all 3 manufacturers where there are NO SHORTAGES!

  • I’d rather get at least a couple more years out of the current console generation before we start seeing new ones on the market. At the very least, if they do release a new one, I’d like them to have full back compatibility at the very least.

  • One thing I can’t figure is what exactly is NOT possible on the current consoles – look at the graphics of some of things on their way this gen games like Brink, Crysis 2, Gears 3 all look magnificent and the realism and fidelity are beyond incredible to me – hell I remember two and a half years ago (after a long absence from gaming) being amazed at the detail in San Andreas and really look at where the industry is at now.

    Any new generation will need to have some sort of substantial point of difference – Wii certainly needs better specs and HD, Xbox could use a bigger storage medium like Blu-Ray but are these things enough to warrant a new console?

  • nintendo for sure.
    with motion control now on PS3 and XBOX wii dont have much going for them in terms of hardware.

    they’ll have to upgrade to stay in the competition.

    itll probably be on par with xbox and ps3 with all the extra wii stuff built in

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