Who Wants A Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Code?

Who Wants A Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Code?

The Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo hits Xbox LIVE today. But you can only try it out if you have a download code. Lucky for you, we have 50 of them.

Well, lucky for 50 of you, anyway.

To win, we’re trying something a bit different. Typically for something like this, we drop the codes into a post like this throughout the day and you guys sit there hammering F5 until you’re the first to enter a code and unlock the goodies.

Today, however, we’re doing the same thing… only on Facebook.

So, you’ll need to hit up the Kotaku Australia Facebook page – and why haven’t you already? – and look for the Kane & Lynch 2 update. Throughout the day, we’ll be adding new codes to it via the comments. When you see a new code appear there, copy and paste into your Xbox LIVE account and, if you redeem it first, you’ll have access to the Kane & Lynch 2 demo.

Remember, we’ve got 50 codes all up, so keep checking back throughout the whole day.

Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of new screenshots to whet your appetite.


  • Despite it’s problems in the first game, I actually like Kane & Lynch up until the ending which gave me the shits.

    No demo is required as I’ll be jumping in with this anyway, need to support IO! So they can finally give us a new Hitman!

    Also, I CHOOSE not to have a facebook! :p

  • Another way to get a code is to sign up to the Official Kane and Lynch 2 site on Youtube.com

    It says its UK only but my code works fine on my Oz gamertag.

  • Man that sucks. I work and we are not able to look at FB whilen at work… so I have no chance to win…

    While the F5 thing surely would not make my employer happy, at least I was in with a shot.

    Any chance of posting some codes after work hours so the rest (assuming there are others like me) have a chance.

    I really liked this game (first one) so want this bad!


  • Okay, so when I copy and paste a code I have to copy each 5 digit section individually, one at a time. This seems to be too slow of a process because I keep missing out on codes…

    Is there another faster way that people are doing this?

    • Nope – you just have to managed to copy each section quicker than anyone else unfortunately

  • Thanks for the Code guys. Now to get home and play! It will seem like a long work day now that I have this….

  • Am I missing something here? The same Kane & Lynch developers that bribed review sites to give them a good review and then fire people when they didn’t (see the GameSpot fiasco). Avoid developers like this like the plague.

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