Who Wants Some Thor Video Game Concept Art?

And so begins the process of Sega convincing us that a good comic book movie-based video game is in the works, with a pair of concept art shots from Thor: The Video Game.

You all know how this works. Sega tells us they are making a Marvel comic book movie video game tie-in. We groan. They start releasing art from the game, like these two shots showing off Surtur's Forge and a river dock area, attempting to slowly convince us that they are working on something special this time around.

Not this time!

Sega burned us with Iron Man. That could have been a fluke. They brought writer Matt Fraction on for Iron Man 2, we got our hopes up and were burned again.

Now we've got Matt Fraction once again and the promise of Thor fighting gigantic foes in fantastic environments, but we're not going to get excited this time. No, now Sega is going to have to work for it.

Still, lovely concept art, no?

Thor – Concept Art I [Sega Europe]


    *SARCASMLOCK* Tits! A Sega movie tie-in title for a Marvel film franchise! This won't suck at all!

    Spot on, no current interest here yet and probably won't happen. Yes the art is good but even for fantasy art I've seen much better. Nothing new.

    Cool art.

    The game will blow. It seems it's already damn hard to make a good game based on anything Viking. I doubt these fail-hard yahoos will do anything good.

    Marvel have been trying to unite all their properties under one header.
    Couldn't they buy a games studio and fill it with people bringing Rocksteady levels of love to their franchises?

    I've read Thor since I was a kid. I'm friends with Walt Simonson. My son's name is Thorr. I cannot wait to see the movie and fill my house with movie toys.

    ...this game, on the other hand, never happened. Just like the Jurgens run.

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