Who's Australia's Best Halo 3 Team?

Australian Cyber League have just put up a new online tracking system for Halo 3 players. It's easy. It's functional. And it's pretty much undisputed who the champ is.

Whatever the significance of those points next to every team's name, Frenetic Array (Fray) have more than double the team below them. On top of that, not only did Fray win ACL's Sydney LAN last weekend (hosted by Maude Garrett from Nintendo's Foxtel ads), they also recently took a trip to Columbus, Ohio, to compete in the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. Many had billed them to rank down towards 100th. They nearly made the top 16.

Joining such international competitors as Dignitas, Fnatic and Power Gaming, Fray put Australia on the map in America's premier Halo 3 competition by finishing 17th and giving top teams a run for their money.

Fray's PC section also won the recent Alienware Arena Clan Challenge - a no excuses event with all top teams involved, and possibly the last great Modern Warfare competition in Australia. Fray dominated the tournament, beating out main competitors iMMunity, Archaic, and Sequential, to win five of Dell's Aurora PCs.


    Good on 'em!

    A friend of mine is in the wider Fray clan and he posted this video on FB - a series of videos taken from Fray's Columbus, Ohio MLG outing.


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