Why Didn't Lost Planet 2 Sell As Well As Projected?

Capcom took a big spinning bird kick, right in the profits, which were down 90.4 percent. Ouch! Part of the blame fell on Lost Planet 2.

At the company's financial briefing, Capcom answered why the game didn't live up to sales expectations. According there are many rival titles in the genre, and the company didn't separate LP2 from them.

The other reason was, Capcom says, due to the game's delay, which caused the title to be shafted on the marketing it needed to be truly successful.

This doesn't mean Lost Planet 2 was a miserable failure — not by any stretch. Globally, Capcom has shipped 1.5 million copies of the game. While that is nothing to sneeze at, the game did not meet the 2 million plus expectations Capcom had for it.

株式会社カプコン | 説明会資料・動画 [Capcom]


    2 mil is prob a bit high expectations to begin with.

    If they didn't fuck up the splitscreen so badly with that damm map it would have been a day 1 purchase from me.

    i loved the first game, and the only reason i have since picked up the sequel is because i got it for $24 Pre-owned from a Game store.

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