Why You Need To Follow Gears Of War’s Executive Producer On Twitter

Gears of War's executive producer Rod Fergusson is exchanging Twitter followers for bonus experience points in Gears of War 2 over the San Diego Comic-Con weekend. He's already in over his head. Let's make him suffer!

If you're a Gears 2 player low on rank, then next weekend is your time to play. Baiting players via his Twitter account, Fergusson made the following offer.

Ok, here's my bribe. The SDCC XP event will be # of my followers divided by 500. So 4000 followers means 8x XP.

Wow, eight times the normal amount of experience? That sure seems like a lot!

As of this writing, Rod's nearly at 5500 followers. That's 11 times the experience. He's a bit shocked.

Ok, so clearly I wasn't expecting my followers list to grow that quickly. But yes, the higher the number, the more the experience :)

How many Gears of War fans are there out there? The game has sold multiple million copies, right? Let's milk this offer for all its worth. I bet we can make 100 times experience easy.

How can you help? Just follow GearsViking on Twitter.

Thanks to Richard for pointing out the challenge!


    This is just like the time Randy Pitchford offered free Borderlands lewt...

    Will these Dev's never learn ;)

      In Pitchford's case he went through with it. Took him ages, but he did.

    Haha sitting on 13x now already. He just gained 300 followers in about 5 minutes. Retweeted!

    I think i need to join twitter just to add to the total.. lol

    One question, if i have got the basic gears 2 with now DLC and the such, will i still be able to get the extra experience for playing?

      I'm not sure, but I don't think XP was introduced until like the second map pack. Either way its 800msp for the full set of map packs. That isn't a terrible deal considering there's four map packs in there (19 maps and the 'deleted scene' campaign chapter). I'm pretty sure those 19 are all playable as Horde mode maps but don't quote me on that.

      I'm guessing it'll be hard to find matches without them.

        Ok, I've looked around a bit. Seems you get the xp system from a title update and thanks to a later title update you can gain xp by completing waves of Horde mode. Horde gives a single award per wave based on the difficulty level, so its not as fast as playing public matches, but it's looking like it'll be at least 6000xp per wave on Normal, 12,000xp per wave on Insane.

        You'll need the Snowblind DLC if you want the rank 50 and rank 100 achievements, but the first three rank achievements (5, 15 and 25) should be unlockable without it (they're part of a title update for some odd reason).

    15 xp when i just join in the festivities. Have fun GoW players.

    So the XP boost will be this weekend coming or next weekend?

    Yup, 7964 followers when i just checked last! lolz!!

    So when is it?

    I didn't have a twitter account because I didn't see the point. Have one now though.

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