Will Nintendo Release Its Games On, Say, Apple Hardware?

That's a good question: So, will it?

During a Q&A session during a recent investors meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked whether or not Nintendo will be releasing its games on hardware produced by other companies?

"Nintendo's software and hardware are the same thing," he replied. "Other companies don't share Nintendo's values or traditions when it comes to creating devices. We are absolutely not thinking of doing that."

So no Super Mario iPhone or Star Fox iPad games.

Nintendo did allow Nintendo characters to appear on the CD-i, a Philips produced console. The games, which were not developed by Nintendo, were horrible - but have since developed a following for being so rotten.

ソフト提供は考えず 新ゲームキャラ必要 任天堂社長ら:産経関西 [産経新聞大阪本社公式ニュースサイト via 1Up]


    "Other companies don’t share Nintendo’s values or traditions when it comes to creating devices."

    What, you mean small incremental hardware updates that add one or two new features but still manage to whip the world into a buying frenzy? You guys have met Apple haven't you...?

      That's all certainly true of Apple (in fact, it's probably written on a big sign somewhere in Apple HQ) but I don't really see it from Nintendo. Maybe a little with handhelds, but definitely not with home consoles.

    Surely they could put a remake of the original SMB for the iPhone/Pad, charge $5 for it and make mega bucks for everyone in love with the "retro" thingo.

    It won't take away from new Nintendo sales as its all old content anyway, and they can surely use one of the designs you can find on the net anyway

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