Will Portal 2 Be Supporting Move Or 3D On PS3?

There are many games on the PS3 lining up to support either PlayStation Move or 3D. Or both! Valve's Portal 2, however, is not one of them. For that, you'll have to wait until Portal 3.

"[Move and 3D]will have to wait for Portal 3 or another title," Valve's Doug Lombardi tells PSM3 magazine. "We won't be supporting those in Portal 2."

Just thinking about Portal 3 in 3D with motion support is enough to make me sick. The first Portal made me queasy enough. Then again, just because Lombardi says "Portal 3" doesn't mean there will be a Portal 3. There was supposed to be a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 too, and look what happened to that!

Valve on PS3 3D: 'We'll wait for Portal 3' [CVG]


    No crappy gimmicks? Oh noes!

      Ability to aim with mouse like precision is a gimmick?

        Haha... "mouse-like precision". Apparnetly you've never played an FPS on the Wii, this couldn't possibly be any better, unless it used the analog sticks, in which case it's the same as a normal controller.

        But yeah, it's pretty much a gimmick.

    sorry to be so negative but what is the point to this article? its pretty much "Q, will Portal 2 be in 3D? - A, No that is all.

    Portal in 3D would be awesome, don't care much for motion controls in my first person shooters though.

    @ Matt Roe

    And you've played an FPS using Move? I haven't either, but with a lot better precision, it should result in a vastly improved experience.

      Precision has nothing to do with it. It's time for the game industry to accept that motion controls don't work with FPSs.

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