Will Rampage Jackson Ever Get His Own Video Game?

Will Rampage Jackson Ever Get His Own Video Game?

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has gone from mixed martial arts to Hollywood, recently playing B.A. Baracus in the A-Team movie. Next up? How about his own video game.

Jackson is a gamer and once told ESPN that he had hooked up two original Xboxes in his personal limo just so he could play Halo. “You can’t make more time, but I need more time to play video games,” he said. “So I thought of this idea, let me put this in my car so I can play my Halo while somebody drives me around.”

Rampage entered tournaments, but says he got his “ass kicked”. He played online and once again got his arse handed to him. “But in my car with my friends, I whooped their arse or threw them out of my car.”

And of course Jackson has already appeared in THQ’s UFC franchise. It seems he is looking to take things to the next level. Rampage MMA, Jackson’s multimedia company, has filed a trademark for “Street Soldier: The Video Game”, points out website Destructoid.

However, Destructoid adds Rampage MMA has trademarked “Rampage Street Soldier” for use on everything to loose leaf binders to paper lunch sacks. This latest filing is rather specific and covers: “computer game software, computer game programs, pre-recorded motion picture and television films in the nature of real-time strategy games, computer game software that may be downloaded from a global computer network, computer game cartridges to be used in computer game machines adapted for use with television receivers”.

Keep in mind that this is just a trademark filing. Trademarks are different from actual video games. If only you could play trademarks!

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