Will You Be Buying StarCraft II Next Week?

Hey, did you know? StarCraft II launches next week! It's surely one of the biggest game launches of all time. But we'd like to gauge just how excited you really are.

Vote away. Remember, you can only choose one option. And let us know what you think about StarCraft II in the comments below.

Will You Be Buying StarCraft II Next Week?online surveys


    Ill see how it plays before i head out and buy it..

    *looks for option*

    Shame it prob wont hit steam :(

      Adding an option now. Give it a few minutes to refresh.


        Now if only the Goverment voteing was able to make changes like that :D

    None of the options really express how I feel about SC2. I'm unhappy with the way the multiplayer has been done along with a bunch of other things. However the game itself looks good and the story should be good as well, so if I do get it I'll be waiting until it has come down in price.

    Plus my computer won't handle it at the moment.

      The new reviews option is probably closest to how I'll go. But I'll still be waiting till I get my new machine and it comes down in price.

    I haven't placed a pre-order yet, I'm thinking it's kinda to late for that anyway. I might come to the Midnight Launch that's happening in Brisbane. -I wanna see the guys who dress up just to win that laptop EB is giving away. Lol.

    New option.

    "No, I don't like to be raped online" :P

      Haha, I'm with this.

      It's weird though, I am (originally) a PC gamer, so back when I used to love RTS. But I just didn't 'get' StarCraft. I have no doubt it's a great, well balanced game, but at the same time, the super-micromanagement puts me off. Most other RTSes I'm fine with Age of Empires/Mythology, Company of Heroes, Sins of a Solar Empire (although I guess that's technically 4X), just... not StarCraft.

      I'm just sort of... indifferent to it.

        It's funny, I loved Warcraft I and II, but I never 'got' Starcraft either. Seemed cold and sterile and, I dunno, it just didn't do it for me. An I *loved* WC2. Now where is my Syndicate remake damnit, that I would be lining up for.

    Combination of cant afford it right now and i don't think my laptop could really run it :(

    i need to win lotto lol

    I suspect I might be the only gamer alive who hated starcraft, might have been incredibly polished but it always felt like incredibly polished tedium so I'll be passing on 2

      haha i'd say you are right about being the only gamer to hate Starcraft.

      For it's time it was the perfect RTS masterpiece. It combined excellently balanced gameplay (especially after the broodwar expansion) along with an awesome cinematic story line and multiplayer customization unlike anything seen in an RTS before it.

      It truly is the Alpha of all RTS Sci-Fi's.

      I sank months and months of my time into all aspects of that game and i don't even play that many RTS games. lol

      But each to their own though.. i'm one to take inspiration from though... i didn't mind playing Shaq Fu once upon a time either :P

        Make that TWO people who hate StarCraft :-). Well maybe "hate" is a bit too harsh but Starcraft was an overhyped game (just like most Blizzard games).

        It was a well polished game, but nothing revolutionary. Dark Reign was a more impressive game and that came out a year earlier!

        Most reviewers gave it 9/10 and Edge Magazine was one of the only few that gave it a 7/10. Once I played it I understood why.

        I'm still gonna play StarCraft II but not anytime soon. It'll be more of the same.

          Dark Reign was pretty damn good... heck, even KKND was back in its day.. haha

            I didn't play KKND. It was way too similar to C&C without the nice graphics. Scores weren't so great so I passed.

          I also didn't get the reason for all the Starcraft lovin. I have played it and just can't get into it at all.

            company of heroes one of the best rts of all time
            close to dawn of war 1-2

    what about a "Buying Starcraft II next week? I pre-ordered it months ago!!" option?

      I'm guessing that falls under the "Hells yeah! I've waited ten years for this day" option...

    preordered it about 6 months ago on cdwow for about $40. Looking forward to it. starcraft introduced me into pc gaming and the lan party. (which i now have one every month) Im certain the games success was due to it being so lan friendly (both accessable, easy and fun).

    6 months ago, I would have clicked the Hell's yeah option, but since with the removal of LAN play and the region locking by purchased version, I'll see how it pan's out.

    I'll buy it, but will be seeing how some of the above are solved, specifically the region locking stuff.

    I wasn't sure until recently. But the latest trailer convinced me I'll probably at least get my moneys worth out of the campaign even if I never touch the multi-player.

    My enjoyment of the MP really hinges on how well the match making ends up working, cause honestly while I can enjoy some RTS, I totally suck. If I can consistently vs other people who suck as much as me though it might not be so bad

    (Also seems likely I'll find some entertainment in the community custom maps judging by what's already been done with the editor)

    Couldn't care less about Starcraft. I'll just be glad when all the hypes for it dies down (if ever, hopefully).

    Took the day off work specifically for this day.

    YEAH CANT WAIT 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bit excited there, mate? lol


    i kinda wana get it but none of my friends are getting it so ill have to play with random wankers

      A stranger is just a friend you haven't met, Foxbane. :P

    I want to play it for the single player campaign, I think that will be fantastic on it's own.
    Multiplayer is going to be far too competitive for my taste I think. Plus I'm not too keen on the new BNet and it's social integration plans, so I'm going to wait for a sale (sadly, I think it's going to be a long time before that happens though!)

    Preordered a couple months ago so i didn't miss out on the collectors edition, but I'm in it for the single player, not multiplayer.
    I know where my RTS skills stand, i'm not wading into that quagmire of elites.

      I'm right there with you Ross, I suck at playing RTS online. Good old singleplayer campaign for me.

      Also pre-ordered 2 limited editions by mistake. =S

        I'll be happy to relieve you of one of those. Cause you know, I'm such a nice guy and I don't want you feeling all stupid for having two copies...

      Haha, my thoughts exactly. Big fan of rts's but I'm pretty crap at mp. There's only so many times of getting slaughtered by a zergling rush before you crack! (or a tank rush when i had a foray into C&C 3)

    Interesting how the comments on this thread seem to mirror the concept of the vocal minority...looking at the results about 60 to 70% of voters are going to buy this game...but if you just read the comments section you'd think this game is going to bomb.

    Although..everyones entitled to their opinion, I'm not bashing on anyone here.

    I definitely would have purchased SC2 if they hadn't broken the game up into 3 games for the separate species/ factions. But now i'll be waiting to see what kind of reviews it gets before I take the plunge.

    Too many promising games of late have turned out to be bombs, so its much safer to hold out and not be an early adopter to make sure that the game lives up to the hype!

      Have to agree with you Mark.

      Loved the single player campaign for the first game so I am more than a little peeved that we will have to shell out 3 times for the same game.

      I guess I will wait for the reviews and the prices for the other 2 campaigns before I even consider buying Wings of Liberty.

    There should be a "No, my computer is too old/shit to play it" option.

      I would suggest that anyone whose PC is so out of date they cannot run SCII should tick the "I don't care, I don't play PC games" option.

        That's hardly fair David - I just started playing through System Shock 2, and I still have to get back to Arcanum and finish that.

        Seriously though, you are absolutely right. Being a PC Gamer means keeping up with the Joneses to some extent, and I personally gave that up years ago.
        That said, I do think I'll pick up and enjoy SC2 when I buy a new computer... Probably next year some time.

          Keeping your PC up to date isn't like it used to be.
          Top end PC's made 3-4 years ago can still play anything made today on high settings...that was unheard of back int he late 90's/early to mid 2000.
          Parts are so cheap now, for the price of a console you could put together something decent.

          I have 2 collectors editions coming my way that I'm storing away and a normal version to use. Take that.

    excited about the singleplayer but really really want a fix for the lan for multiplayer. i just cant have fun playing against faceless strangers.

      I won't buy any game that has multiplayer, but doesn't have LAN play, (I'm looking at your Forza 3!)

    Still annoyed about the LAN and the region lock. Chances are I will buy it but I'll wait for the first batch of reviews before I run headlong into it.

    I also never really 'got' starcraft. It was a little before my time, and when i tried to go back and play it, i guess i had missed the boat already. That said, i'm looking forward to SCII and have a pre-order down!

    I'm a huge RTS fan and an even bigger fan of Blizzard games, so it seems like a win/win for me, even after i missed out the first time round.

    I've been playing the MP beta for Starcraft II, and it's evident how much love and care has gone into this game.

    Blizzard have done an amazing job of making the game fresh, but keeping it StarCraft. The single player campaign looks interesting and fun too - so I have no doubt that each component alone will be worth the money.

    Well, would be worth the money if I didn't live in Australia - home of the price gouge. I'll be ordering online direct from the Blizzard store, sorry EB!

    Hells yeah, had my pre-ordered collectors edition waiting to for for ages now (back when it was first released) and absolutly LOVE the beta. Multiplayer ftw.

    Can't wait to get my teeth stuck into the single player, can see myself not playing anything else until Civ 5 comes out. It's a damn good year to be a PC gamer.

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