WIN! The Loved Ones Have Splendour Tickets For You

WIN! The Loved Ones Have Splendour Tickets For You

We have a splendid pair of tickets (with camping) to Splendour in the Grass to giveaway to a lucky reader for telling us a music festival horror story in just 25 words or less. All thanks to the scary new movie “The Loved Ones”… so, what’s your story? ENTRIES CLOSE TONIGHT!

Maybe it’s the intro to a larger horror moment, maybe it’s a perfect music festival slasher death moment, or maybe you just lost your tickets at the gate. We’re looking for the most creative concept for a music festival horror moment told in less than 25 words.

Bust out your entries in the comments and make sure you include a valid email address. We’ll be getting in touch right away and need to pass on your phone and DOB details to Splendour on Friday, 16 July. If we can’t get hold of you right away, we’ll be passing the prize on to another lucky reader!

Here’s the trailer for the new Aussie film, “The Loved Ones”, which has a freaky ‘Wolf Creek meets date movie’ vibe:

And here’s the story taster:

Brent (Xavier Samuel) never recovered from the car crash that killed his father: the crash that he was responsible for. His only solace is his loving girlfriend Holly (Victoria Thaine). But there’s another girl who yearns to comfort Brent, the quietest girl in school, Lola (Robin McLeavy), and when he turns down her invitation to the end of year dance he enters a nightmare beyond imagining.

A terrifying series of events take place under the light of a mirrored disco ball, involving pink satin, glitter, syringes, nails and power drills. Brent must summon every ounce of will he possesses if he is to survive and prevent Lola and her father from extending their revenge to those he loves the most.

Entries close at 11.59pm, Wednesday, 14th July. Winner scores the two GA Event Camping tickets to Splendour in the Grass, valued at $463 each. The prize is tickets only. [T&Cs]


  • big day out 2004 : watching some drunk mistakenly use the mens toilet trough to wash their hands, using the urine cake as soap. the horror!

  • As the chemicals began to short-fuse her brain, the world began to change. What had once been a feel-good afternoon of easy listening and knee-bopping dancing was blurring into something much more sinister.

    At first, everything was just a lucid blur: moving colours and after images. But they were blurring. Blurring into a rust-coloured, disorientating nightmare. She couldn’t even see the stage now. The music was changing too. The innocuous 4/4 rhythm was getting faster and faster until it was so fast, it began to resemble the buzzing of some unholy swarm of flies.

    As she struggled to make sense of her altered consciousness and surroundings, she felt a violent shove in her back. Before she could regain her footing, she was hit again from her side. Then from the other side. And again. Each push scratching her skin, sending shots of pain through her body from the wound.

    It took all her strength just to focus her eyes, and what she saw terrified her enough to block out the pain of her ravaging. The crowd had been transformed too, or perhaps they had never truly been there. She was surrounded by a sea of foul, sub-humanoid creatures. They could not be described as an army, for they lacked the organisation of an army, but rather a seemingly endless expanse of writhing individuals. From what she could tell, they were hairless, with leathery skin like that from the wing of a bat. Their heads were almost human, but with long, protruding snouts and black, pupil-less eyes. Even with their hunched posture, they stood a foot taller than she did. She even managed to make out the long, claw-like nails that protruded from their hands. But anything more detailed could not be distinguished before she was forced to the ground.

    The ground was ash, and burned her skin when she hit it. But there was no way for her to get up. She was the centre of the attention of the hive, surging en mass towards her. The scratching of her body became digging, and as she felt the last of her life ebb from her body, victim to the legion of demonic ghouls from a realm beyond the darkest recess of human existence, she thought “this is still better than that John Mayer concert I went to”.

  • Thinking, pondering and pensively wracking my brain for a fleeting glimpse of brilliance. Constructing it perfectly to discover the prize is in bloody Queensland!

  • When just as I arrived at the train station to get to BDO I found that my line was closed for maintenance.

  • Against a railing and having the fattest, sweatiest, hairiest man up against me in 40 degree heat. Who then whispers to me “shhh just go with it”…

  • Sprained ankle Friday. Spent entire day in the Hospital Tent, missed all worthy bands, Lost all my mates, twice. Still went back the next year.

  • Recipe for disaster at Falls Festival 2009: A) Set up tent on steep hill. B) Park 4WD above tent C)Excessive downpour on NYE D) 4WD crushes Tent. Devo.

  • Playground Weekender 2008: Chivalrously stopping another man kissing my girlfriend, only to get into trouble because “he was hot and black”. I am neither.

  • Great girl, great band, dancing for hours and stealing a kiss. Drinks and things better not mentioned. Back to her tent. Who’s penis is that?

  • My now-ex girlf(r)iend decided that 9 pints of cider were key to Glastonbury. 4AM, tent zip got stuck. The flysheet caught most of the chunks.

  • Just how many of your friends went into the SAME porta-potty at the same time- before you realized YOU were betrayed?

  • I don’t have a music festival story, i’d just like to point out that i worked on the film and it should be really good 🙂

  • At BDO ’07, opening my wallet to find out my mates had stuffed grass from the paddock into my wallet as a police officer passes.

  • Super expensive ebay tix. Queued for 3hrs. knocked back for wasting police time cos friends thought it was funny to crush panadol in my pocket.

  • Soundwave 2008 – $120 x 2
    Entry Line: 90 Mins – Miss 2 Good Bands
    Lemonade Line: 90 Minutes – Miss 2 Good Bands
    Lemonade Runs Out – Get a Cupful of Ice Instead
    Obese Lesbian Couple – Obstructs view of The Offspring
    Wallet Pickpocketed during Incubus Mosh – Lose all Cards and Cash.
    Mates have a Better Time at the Cricket – Absolutely Shameful!

  • Big Day Out 2010. At the front of the mosh pit for girl talk, we got hosed down so i removed my soaking wet shirt. Later on sitting down outside my ‘friends’ ripped off my shorts. The rest of the day was spent in undies

  • Camping Festival, stashed three cars with grog, 3hr wait in sun, drank half of it. Inside, next site over unloaded their KEG. Golf clap!

  • Good Vibrations, 2008. It’s the end of the night and I’ve just finished watching Kanye West. I’ve lost all my friends and my shirt, plus I have no cash and my phone battery is dead. Stumbling up to Oxford St, wearing nothing but board shorts and muddy shoes, I drunkingly begin asking random people if they have the same phone as me, in the hopes that they will let me swap batteries. Obviously, this didn’t turn out very well. After having a gay guy throw a ciggie in my face, I gave in.

    I sat in the gutter and cried, like a little bitch. No taxi would pick me up and I was bound to get arrested in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, a girl, who was probably even worse off than me, stumbles up to me, carrying broken heels. She tells me that she can’t get a taxi and needs someone to walk her home to Bondi. I accept the offer, on the condition that she give me her jacket. She agrees.

    I spend the next 2 hours walking to Bondi, wearing a girl’s jacket. During our journey, she finds $40 on the ground. We both act like we just won the lottery. All of a sudden, the night wasn’t so bad. She gave me the $40 as my taxi ride home in the morning. I’m thinking I might marry this girl.

    I wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I stumble out groggily, not knowing where I was or who I was with. Coyote Ugly pops out of the kitchen with a plate and tells me to sit down on the couch because it’s “Goonies” time. WTF. Apparently, on the way home I’d told her I hadn’t seen the Goonies, which in her world, was blasphemy.

    Half way through the movie the girl’s ex-boyfriend rocks up at the house, looking like a wrestler on crack. As he bangs on the front door I’m told to hide in the closet. He busts in the house looking for a stereo system that she stole from him. After he locates it, he proceeds to verbally abuse her and storms out of the house, like a cyclone.

    I run out of the closet, pushing past Coyote Ugly on my way outside. I’m getting the hell out of dodge. In my rush to escape the crazy fest, I accidently sprint past the ex-boyfriend who was hovering outside. He sees me, shirtless and starts screaming. I hail down a taxi by waving the $40 like a mad man and thankfully, one stops to take me home.

  • After having nothing but two beers, we rock out in the mosh at the hottest part of the day. Drenched in sweat and feeling close to death and looking high, we buy three bottles of water each, and lay down for an hour. Five people asked us for if we were selling what we were taking. Brilliant.

  • I was really hepped up after seeing the chem bros at BDO back whenever, great show! Met up with lost friends during that long, long walk back to the car after and started comparing our takes on the show. My memory was patchy at best but… What clowns? What wavy rainbow lasers? What big fluoro coloured fluffy dancing bears?
    The only thing I remember really clearly is trying to dance knee deep in discarded water bottles. I must have been close, but to this day I have no idea which act I actually saw.

  • We’re days from anywhere, thousands of us. One man starts dancing. He shakes erratically then falls to the floor. The bands haven’t started yet.

  • while taking a crap in the port-a-loo some coked-up ruffian decided he didnt want to wait and kicked the door in on me… bugger

  • Vibes 2003, all geared up to see Lee Scratch Perry, he took too many happy pills on the plane and didn’t play.

  • A punter starts dancing in his boxers at the main stage. One, two more join, forty, eighty!! I knew I should’ve worn underpants today.

  • Someone’s idea of a joke: Misprinted timetable. Crowd arrives expecting Flaming Lips. Receives Bindi Irwin and the Jungle Girls (thanks, Wikipedia). Oh, the HOORRRORRRRRs!

    • Hi. So did anyone win this?

      Just on the off chance that no one did because no one supplied an email address as per instructions, may I present

      adullard at gmail dot com

      • yup, i am watching this thread with bated breath!! i am rather very keen to attend the festival and camping tickets are impossible to get..! hopefully they will have an announcement for us soon!!?

  • Stocking up on alcohol, food, tents, supplies and tickets (which cost a fortune!), Driving from ACT to the ferry for a 3 day camping festival 300kms away than having my girlfriend break her ankle getting on the ferry and having to get an ambulance back to Gosford and missing the whole event… Not to mention she couldn’t walk for 3 months… FML

  • Cut Copy, BDO 09. Being forced against a sweaty shirtless dude with the worst bacne I have ever seen.

  • Buying tickets to Big day out from a scalper only for them to turn out tobe fake and get taken for questioning by security

  • Glastonbury 2008. Getting horribly drunk, passing out, missing all the main acts. Oh and the toilets.

  • 3 days. 30,000 people. 1 infected soul to start it all. Can the power of rock triumph and stop the on-coming zombie horde?!

  • Opened an unlocked cubicle at Future Music Festival and was confronted with a guy bending over forwards and wiping his bum. Scared for life

  • Glastonury, man goes to portaloo, three guys push over portaloo, door-side down. Man is trapped inside with portaloo contents, for over an hour. The horror!

  • “Undercover” security guard kicks my SOBER friend out of Good Vibrations for being “too intoxicated” because she lay on the grass near the Roots stage.

  • Reading Festival:

    Day1 – The water’s calm and blue.
    Day2 – Levels rising, stench grows thick.
    Day3 – Reached max load. Eternal bog of stench now centimeters away. No escape!

  • The last man without Splendour tickets sat in a locked room. He was alone in the dark, afraid. Someone put Splendour tickets in his hands.

    Exactly 25 words 😀

    Longer Version:
    The last man without Splendour tickets sat in a locked room. He was all alone in the dark, afraid. Someone put Splendour tickets in his hands. It was his MOTHER IN LAW!

  • Rollercoaster festival in Mandurah. The quick chicken sandwich i bought left me in the med tent throwing up all afternoon, missing Hilltops who havent returned!

  • Four day Festival. Spy small barrel behind bar. Discover scrumpy 4pm first day and start drinking. Empty barrel to myself. 3 days in tent recovering!

  • Five mins to midnight – NYE at Pyramid. Idiots further back start throwing beer bottles. Saw the Year in from First Aid tent with bleeding head.

  • I was at Soundwave earlier this year and ended up hanging out with these 2 girls whom I thought were pretty cool. We were casually chatting when one suddenly turn to me and said “Paramore’s about to start! C’mon!”

  • A trio of teenagers go to a concert but the band are actually spawn of the devil and their music is converting people into followers.

  • BDO, 2010. I didn’t even know my mother was going until I saw her on the big screen…. Topless.

  • ‘Rocking out at Scissor Sisters. Chick wants to hop on my shoulders for view. Gay near ladyparts?! No. Attempt avoiding violence from her jealous boyfriend.’

    Here’s hoping! I want to see the Scissor Sisters again!

  • Week before Woodford I get a filling. Xmas Eve it hurts; set up camp on Xmas day, tooth infected. No doctors onsite for 3 days.

  • After the last band of the night we all get into our cars and begin to long drive home, but then we see someone getting dragged from their cars into the bushes on the side of the road. There is no reception and we have only seconds to decide what to do

  • At big day out this year in Sydney (2010) the weather was disgustingly hot. Never before had I dripped so much sweat or been so delirious! I thought I was imagining it at first but I saw this guy running full speed towards us through the crowd. He was dodging this way and that through the people, I swear almost on all fours. I had never seen anyone look so much like a crazed animal. He was like a cheater or something on full pursuit. His eyes were popping out of his head and I’m sure he may have been foaming at the mouth. My friend had to push me out of the way before he bowled me over. We watched him in shock, running and dodging through the crowd…so focused…so fast. Then I noticed he was kicking a squashed red cup…The whole experience was frightening…would he have stopped if he knocked me over?? or trod on my face? The worst was…in his crazed mind was the squashed cup really a squashed cup?

  • woodford folk fest: mud-fight leads to us not getting allowed on the bus.. 4 hour trek home through flooded paddocks and barbed wire.

  • Got hit on by girl, rejected her because her huge sunglasses looked silly. Then my friend told me it was Lily Allen. Who I love.

  • Drums, beats, feel it through your chest.
    What most call a festival, I call a test.
    Splendour in the Grass? Surrender me the Pass!

  • Spotting a friend squatting off side of hill at Falls. Next minute she’s rolling down the main hill… Undies still around ankles.

  • BDO, 40 degrees, moshing and lose friends who have my bag with phone, wallet, alcohol. I then fainted due to dehydration and was involuntarily crowd surfed to the back by strangers.

  • A girl told me she saw 2 deaths over 2 years at MMF(vomit choke & overdose). That was pretty horrific, and a massive buzz-kill.

  • Was waiting for PJ Harvey at the BDO for three hours in the front row. Needed to pee. Had to leave. Tragedy.

  • After waiting with abated breath for Fat Boy Slim to play at GoodVibes 2009, he came on drunk and played unoriginal club mixes for 2 hours.

  • Sydney BDO 1997, the horror of standing at the urinal – urinating – whilst a corpulent lass took similar STANDING position next to me, and proceeded to – URINATE. *shudder*

  • By the time the light died, I looked upon the chaos I’d caused… i’d never been drunk before, and if the court wins not for another 30 years.

  • First BDO: Had food poisoning. Ambulance gave me a spew bag when I asked for a blanket. The spew bag had measurement markers. Great times.

  • Golden Plains.
    The winds, the rains.

    Volunteer shift.
    Dinosaur Jr. Missed.

    structural poles bent.
    stranger passed out ON tent.

    Find a way in and hide.
    stranger passed out inside.


  • Seeing The Decemberists at BDO with a dude so high he thought he watching The Beatles. He even complimented their matching hair styles.

  • a young boy goes to a music festival and is forced to listen to a nickelback set.

    there. scariest music festival story ever.

  • Soundie and groupie undress backstage as band begin to play. Speaker drops, crushes soundie’s head. Groupie screams, microphone forced down throat. ‘Jason takes Splendour’

  • think community paintball episode, asleep in the teepee forrest @ Splendour, you awaken to a festival of zombies roaming around in front of the bands

  • Miraculously winning Splendour tickets only for all the scheduled bands to die in spontaneous stage combustion. Justin Bieber fills in. Gates lock.

  • A killer is loose at a folk-music Festival and help is unreachable. There is full mobile coverage, but no-one knows how to hold their iPhones.

  • Pumped as, we arrive at Splendour only to find that the entire line up have been replaced by Eurovision contestants and there’s no escape!

  • Accidentally walking on to the main stage at Splendor and getting the huge roar as people thought i was famous.

  • Can’t make use of the prize, so don’t send it to me, just putting in my 20c.

    Julia Gillard hits the stage at BDO to get in touch with “the youth of Australia.”
    Resulting stampede for the exits leaves you among the incapacitated as she starts to sing a selection of celine dion and barbra streisand songs with the aid of a kareoke machine, all bands and support staff, forewarned, have already fled the area.

  • The DJ set finished and MC Hammer entered the stage. It was awesome, the crowd went spastic, yet in retrospect it was horrific.

  • Flying Tassie to Byron Bay, realising I left tickets at home. “OMFG!……. Its ok I’ll buy a scalped tickets” $1000 later. “Yeah thanks for coming!”

  • splendour, two thousand five
    we unfurl the pinata
    it snaps a tent pole.

    let’s try baseball bat!
    it connects… with someone’s eye
    it still hasn’t healed

  • I’m in my tent shivering. My right eye hurts. It’s getting bigger… It reaches the size of my fist and then…. POP! Don’t do drugs.

  • As Michael sat down on the bus for Splendour he felt something warm and runny … to be continued …

  • Glastonbury 2008 – portaloos over-filled by day five. Hand wrapped in toilet paper to push poo pyramid down. NOT OK. Music makes everything worth it

  • ack.. i am not sorry if this worked or not.. is kotaku having issues with google chrome for mac?? anyway.. apologies if it is a repost.

    i like the haiku idea.. a good way of adding interest in a short 25 word limit..! this is a story about a big night at splendour maybe five years ago and waking up next to a very unattractive girl and doing a runner. thankfully my current girlfriend forgives me for my drunken indiscretion 😛

    sunrise at splendour
    mind swims, from a party bender
    morning leads to fear

    girl sleeps next to me
    and looks a catostrophe
    run fast, run away

  • I arrived at the festival campsite at midnight. Gale force winds, no reception, alone and exhausted. There before me, a sea of tents. Great.

  • Standing there, I heard from one tent: “We’re gonna miss Wolfmother!”

    “Oh crap! And Pez!” said the other.

    “Chill out.” I said. “You’re too tense.”

  • Got to BDO at 10, went home at 3 with heat stroke. Was too pissed to realise that drinking more booze won’t rehydrate me.

  • I saw Bloodhound Gang at the 09 Soundwave Festival. The bassist vomitted in his beer jug, redrank it, then into the lead singers hat and put it on his head.

    • not me 🙁
      would the winner care to trade the tickets for a whole bunch of games? Wii, 360, ps3 and DS? I’m desperate for a ticket…

  • At least 18 people have been killed in a mass stampede at the Love Parade dance party in the German city of Duisburg.

  • in a drunken slumber on the first night when my boy friends best mate (nicknamed the horse) runs in to camp and falls on our tent crushing me and breaking the tent poles leaving us with no tent

  • first night of the great escape my friend thought it would funny to take a crap in a toilet that happened to be a prop, next day we saw a performer with their head in the tolet as part of an act.

  • Woke up,slightly hungover, goto put my gum boots on to find someone had used one as a bucket the night before ew…vomit between my toes!

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