With Video Games Around Them, They Did Push-Ups

Two men walked into a giant circus of video games in June and walked out with a 90-minute movie that shows them, sometimes, doing push-ups in the middle of E3.

That would be Robert Pelloni (in black) and Tim Rogers (in green), the latter of whom wrote about his E3 adventures for Kotaku earlier this week.

Now there is a 90-minute video version of Tim and Bob's E3 exploits including cameo appearance by most of Kotaku's staff, including... Brian Ashcraft (standing, bemused, in rust-coloured shirt).

Somewhere in all of this you'll find gameplay. The Hard Corps Uprising bit is quite nice, though I confess I've already lost that need in this haystack.... maybe in part five or six?

The best push-ups are in clip #7 at about the eight-minute mark.

Full disclosure, I'm in the movie, saying silly things to cameraman Bob about his still-unreleased video game.



    Those 2 girls in the short shorts of the first image are far too distracting...

      tell me about it. seems short shorts just got shorter -those look like underwear!

        I can only see people doing push ups in the second photo... am i missing something??? I can only see 2 girls

    For some reason I really want to drink NOS now.

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