Witness The Wild StarCraft II Collector's Edition

From CVG comes video of the lavish collector's edition of StarCraft II, pawed at breathlessly but an eager fan, three weeks ahead of the game's official release date.

Revealed in April, the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition contains everything a StarCraft II fan needs to truly enjoy the game. It also has an art book, soundtrack CD, a USB flash drive, a behind-the-scenes DVD, and the original StarCraft with both expansions.

But really it's the game that's the main attraction here, and while it's definitely included, Blizzard won't let you install it until it officially launches. I imagine that actually having the game in your hands only makes the wait worse.

Star Craft 2 copies in the wild [CVG]


    how about just changing your computer date and time and disconnecting from the internet. that should work

      Except that you need to connect online to activate it, like any Steam game bought instore.

      Gotta ask though 'the original StarCraft with both expansions.'

      I don't remember it having an expansion other than Brood Wars.

        I assume he means the original and the expansion as being "both" expansions.

    i completely paid the collectors edition off weeks ago

    Wait... people haven't cracked the "online authentication" thing yet?

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