Would You Buy This Arcade Cabinet?

Chrome-plated dash. aluminium and rubber wheels. Painted racing strips. This isn't a sports car, but a luxury arcade cabinet.

French luggage and leather-goods maker Pinel & Pinel has created this "Arcade 80's Trunk". There are 51 colours of calfskin to choose from, and even the option of either crocodile and shagreen skins.

Sporting a 1080p liquid crystal display, the cabinet is packed with sixty games arcade games, including classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and 1942. There's also an iPod/iPhone dock to blast music from the cabinet's stereo system. There isn't a price listed — probably cause this is crazy expensive.

Unlike actual 1980s arcade cabinets, you might want to keep the Mr. Pib soda and Goobers chocolate far, far away from this get-up. Don't want to soil the calfskin!

Arcade Cabinet [Pinel & Pinel via Game|Life]


    if i had more money than sense - yes

    but seeing as i don't - no

    1080p? LCD? This ain't no arcade cab, it's just a vertical PC display unit! ArcadeVGA all the way.

    The perfect arcade cabinet for someone who has never been to an arcade.

    What a waste an LCD... come on now...

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