Would You Like A $US500 Bayonetta Statue?

Because it exists. And if you've got money, then you could buy it. I guess.

Spotted at the Wonder Festival figure expo in Chiba, Japan, by Kotaku Japan, this Bayonetta statue is priced at ¥46,000, which is about $588. Which is a lot of money.

While this is an unpainted prototype, the finished product will be painted. The figure maker is currently taking orders.

[ワンフェス2010夏] 大胆かつセクシー! 『ベヨネッタ』フィギュア [Kotaku Japan]


    Theoretically, she would need to not have a SPINE, to do that.

    umm... yeah... no evil librarian statue for me, thanks

    Would look nicer coloured. I'd still get it if I had that kind of money to throw away.

    One of the factors in that price has to be size. its 1/4 scale so ..its huge...and awesome

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