Xbox 360 Hostess Game Coming To PSP

Raise your glasses, because that boozing-and-bar girl game Dream Club is making the leap from the Xbox 360 to the PSP.

According to the upcoming issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, Dream Club on the PSP is a port and will have downloadable content. It will also be possible to hold the PSP vertically while playing it. The Xbox 360 version was released last year as an exclusively on Microsoft's home console. This past December, the game's producer said, "There have been many calls for the game to be released on the PlayStation platform, and someday I want to answer them."

He will! This fall when Dream Club dances its way onto the PlayStation Portable.

In the original Dream Club, players go to a hostess bar for a year, working odd jobs during the weekdays to save money to spend on your nightlife. The game features a drinking system called "IIS", which has players control their drinking using the Xbox 360 controller's analogue stick and try to get the hostess shitfaced so she'll talk about personal things she normally wouldn't. "IIS" stands for "Interactive Inshu System" with "inshu" being Japanese for "drinking alcohol".

The system for talking with the hostess is called "ETS" (Emotional Talk System) and gives players three response choices using the X, A and B buttons on the Xbox 360 controllers.

It's also possible to have girls get on stage and sing karaoke for players. There are cosplay options too. And touching.

Dream Club spawned plush toys and a manga.


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