Yes, Someone's Painting The Last Supper In A Backbreaker End Zone

Rob Donald called it back in May: "I am totally expecting to see ... a perfect recreation of The Last Supper in someone's end zone." The Backbreaker producer hasn't been proven right yet, but one artist is hard at work.

User Red Ronin is building out the "Nazareth Christians", for the football title, which boasts a very deep team customisation engine. The team's uniform and logo scheme have already been resolved but whose end zone art will take a little more doing. That at left is the portrait of Christ as of Sunday, so this won't be finished any time soon. In fact, Leonardo, when he wasn't fixing weapons and decoding pages for Ezio, took three years to paint The Last Supper on a wall at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. So let's stand back and let the master finish.

To see the Christians' uniform designs, head over to the link. Oh, and when Red Ronin's done with Nazareth, I have their fight song all picked out:

Backbreaker - Nazareth Christians [Red Ronin]


    Yeah i just find that creepy as heck... But i'm not one for religious stuff... it just conjures up images of self-flagellating fanatics in my head...
    That being siad - he's done well on the logo - looks like something you might see as the logo of one of those "Rock Church" cult type things haha

    n the plus side - it would make a perfect Disney movie name - "Jesus in the End Zone"

    I had complete confidence that this would be done. The logo editor is amazing and actually has a couple of features that Forza would be wise to include.

    Look forward to seeing this when finished.

    jesus in my end zone

    i hear Jesus made a great Tight End

      Dont joke. I was in Texas a few years ago at a Uni to play football (gridiron) and is was a Christian University. The Defensive coordinator did a service where he spoke about Jesus - the running back and his fight against the team from SIN university. I am talking all the way down to Jesus running in a touchdown after overcoming the oposition and winning the game...

      Texas = Religion = Football

    Anyway, I'll be updating with more pictures before the weekend. It may be harder to update next week as I'll be on a road trip for my birthday. Thanks for the spotlight! Take care, happy gaming, enjoy life!

    Unta Glebin Glouting Globin,

    Red Ronin, The Cybernetic Samurai

    PS Hmmm... Nice song, but it could really use a bit more cowbell.

    music should be justice - waters of nazareth

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