Yes, Yes, We Know What You're Going To Say Next

Maurice Lamarche is Mr Freeze in Arkham Asylum 2, but he played The Riddler with MTV News, outing a special guest in Star Wars: STFU 2. When his agent got him the gig, I hope he said IT'S A PART!

Said Maurice to MTV:

I'll just say that I have been paid to say the words 'May the Force be with you.' That's all I'll say. I'll just add that I won't be ordering any calamari anytime soon. It's given me a new respect for calamari, if you know what I'm saying. It's not a trap. This adventure takes place a long time before the trap.

Good heavens, to what character might Lamarche be referring?!

MTV Multiplayer speculated that we might "be getting a look at a much younger Ackbar, serving in the early days of the Rebellion". Maybe, but if X-Wing is canon - and it did not take place much later than the events of The Force Unleaded - I don't think he'll look or sound that much different.

Admiral Ackbar To Appear In 'Force Unleashed 2'? [MTV Multiplayer]


    Star Wars: STFU 2? Shut the f**k up?

      ahh you beat me to it...

    Was that extra S in front of TFU intended there?
    "Star Wars: Shut The F Up 2"

    I like 'STFU2' and 'The Force Unleaded' much better than the real titles...

    OH MY GOD!!!
    OH MY GOD!!!


    Ackbar was Tarkins slave in the books, whilst the death star was being built... so, maybe we'll see Tarkin too?

    The voice of Kif as Ackbar? Shouldn't they have used the voice of Zoidberg?

    I had that figure!

    I would buy the collectors edition of that game if it was made

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