You Can Download StarCraft II Now (You Just Can't Play It)

Don't wait until launch date to download your digital copy of StarCraft II. Grab all seven highly anticipated gigabytes worth of Blizzard's sequel right now so you're ready to play on July 27. You don't even have to pay!

Blizzard is opening up digital purchasing for its long in the making sci-fi real-time strategy game in advance of StarCraft II's official launch. Simply head over to, sign in, download and wait patiently. Then, on launch day, pay, activate and play.

If you're planning on buying a boxed copy, perhaps at some midnight sale, this is not the version you're looking for. Move along. If you're planning on not leaving the house and opting for a digital download of StarCraft II, this is probably a good idea.

The digital download version can be activated and played starting July 27 at 10am PDT (3am AEST).

StarCraft II Digital Purchasing - Information []


    Lets see how long before this is cracked for the masses.

      They must be pretty confident that it won't be cracked, at least nor for a really long time. I'm not up on the current speed of cracking video games but this still seems weird. No need to torrent the game when you can get it direct from Blizzard.

      Maybe the purchase "activation" is a bunch of core/essential files?

      It was cracked ~14 hours ago btw by a member of the starcrack team..


    I always wonder what will happen to your digital copy when the Blizzard server is no longer there?

      I somehow get the feeling that blizzard is here to stay for at least the next decade.

    That's good and all except.......... How much will it cost??? They're not telling us til the release date?

      i was under the impression it was the same price as a console game

      So, $60 US...i mean $110 AUD

    The digital download version can be activated and played starting July 27 at 10am PDT (3am AEST).

    That'd be 3am AEST on the 28th July I imagine, unless it's being released here a day earlier.

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