You May Like The Next PlayStation 3 Firmware Update

Someday soon, you'll be asked to update your PlayStation 3's software. When you do, you'll be ready for the PlayStation Store's new recommendations feature. Consider it new for you to be sold things via the console's PlayStation Network.

It's not cross-game chat or software emulation for PlayStation 2 games or auto-syncing Trophies - currently the top three most requested features on the Share site - but maybe it'll turn you onto something new. Expect PS3 firmware 3.41 any minute now along with PSP firmware 6.31.

Next PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations []


    There are so many things that PS3 could do before it tried to sell me more things.... The above post sums it up nicely but why oh why bother with the store when these other issues are still there.

    Messaging sucks. In what part of the world do gamers want to accurately identify their messages (mostly done with an analog stick) with the correct subject line, then the seperate body of the message then add attachments. Do you think twitter is so popular because there is a subject or because messaging should be short and straight to the point.

    Trophy sync is crazy. The amount of non background downloads is crazy, having a 120g HDD and not installing games to it is crazy...and yes, cross game chat, parties or any online suport would be great.

    You know what, if you did this you may be able to charge for your service... come to think of it, I think someone already has?

    Sorry for the rant, I have been spending more time on the PS3 due to MP RDR but these things drive me crazy.

    I was having trouble meeting up with a mate of mine for some online gaming, we were both playing RDR online MP but I had to call on my mobile or skye to organise the game.... WTF!

    It is a decent system, iview is cool, web browsing/youtube is cool, free online is cool but there is so many things that they should be focussing on.

    I am a self confessed xbox fanboy but after playing both systems regularly for 7 months now, there are some really obvious areas that the XB is miles ahead.

      I’ve got a little rant of my own. When I first got my PS3, I was going through the install process. And Sony seriously made it as unfriendly as humanly possible to get what you want out of it. They made me choose a PSN name and a user name. I guess this was a time when Sony thought multiple people actually want different accounts on the same PS3. Anyway it wasn’t clearly explained that the PSN name rather than the user name is the one that people have to search to find me. Naturally when you think user name, you think that’s the one people will search to find you. So I entered what I wanted on the user name and just some random garbage in the PSN ID. I thought I would only have to use my PSN name when I actually purchase things online. And now I’m stuck with it. I chose “mossy2953” so it’s not so bad, but the way it was explained was horrible.

      People want the option to change their PSN ID, but Sony won’t budge.

        Yeah, have to agree with the PSN ID thing. I chose the appropriately juvenile "Harry Kunz".

        If I had my time again ...

          Yeah, I have to agree on this. I'd love the option to pay to change my PSN ID.

          My current one is SPEEDOSandBACON. >_>

        Wow, way to fail and not read anything.

        Well, there is the option to text chat which eliminates the need to jump back and forth between menus, but I suppose people who fail to read things properly don't tend to find features that would make their life easier.

      i actually prefer the psn messaging. predictive txt and being able to communicate short messages quickly via the subject heading is great. attachments are nice too.

    It's sort of farcical, in a way. Plyatstion 3 firmware updates are monstrous in size compared to those of the Xbox 360, and the inconvenience is exacerbated greatly by the fact that some PS3 updates add minor, ultimately inconsequential, crap like this (excuse my bluntness). ~170mb for game recommendations. THANKS SONY. It might seem like a silly thing to gripe about, but some of us like to conserve bandwidth where we can and Sony isn't helping. Keep in mind that those who don't want to use the bandwidth to update right away are denied access to PSN until they perform it.

    Also, everything Michael and FatShady said.

    I think that Playstation + is the end of worthwhile updates on the PS3. You can expect to see the better features available for paying customers only. I don’t want recommendations, because I don’t buy DLC on a whim. I don’t go online thinking “what should I buy today” a suggestion certainly isn’t going to persuade me. Either I want the content or I don’t.

    It always seemed weird to me that they had a static "We Recommend" section on the store that had no bearing on my previous purchase and game play habits. I had already purchased a few items shown on that page, so it always seemed strange that they would suggest I purchase them again ...

    Providing suggestions that reflect my previous behaviour in some way would be a big step up. I wonder if they'll add customer reviews next?

    Any word on 3D bluray capabilities?

      I think this has already been attended in a previous update

    ........... That's it?

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