You Should Know One Of These Boy Band Members

If you like Clint Eastwood movies, that is.

Nintendo has repeatedly roped in Japanese boy band Arashi, which means "storm" in Japanese, to promote its games. The band appeared in television ads for Super Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and more recently, Wii Party.

Wii Party is Nintendo's forthcoming party game for the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Co Ltd uses many Japanese celebrities for its ads, but it still to have the longest continuous relationship of late with this group.

Nintendo loves Arashi! Japan loves Arashi! The group churns out chart topping hits in The Land of the Rising Sun. (Sadly, their music has been scrubbed from YouTube. If you find any videos, please paste them in comments section below.)

As anyone familiar with Arashi will tell you, the member of this boy band that has gained the most notoriety in the West is Kazunari Ninomiya, who turned in a brilliant performance as Saigo in Clint Eastwood's World War II epic Letters from Iwo Jima.

Later this year, Ninomiya, or "Nino" as he is known, will star in a film adaptation of manga Ooku. And next year, he will star in a big screen version of anime/manga thriller Gantz.


    This is apparently the one of the biggest hits they produced, and almost drove me to insanity when my J-Drama addicted wifey insisted on always playing this on our car.

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