You Won't Impress The Ladies Stealing A Nintendo From A Little Girl

If I didn't have enough money to impress a girl, I'd, I don't know, make her something. Write her a poem. Sing her something. 17 year-old Anthony Etienne took the easy route, and stole some poor kid's DS.

It's alleged the boy, from West Brighton in New York, figured stealing a DS from a little girl then selling it would get him the cash needed to score some brownie points with the ladies. He's instead now facing felony charges.

This statement, reportedly made to Police, sums up the entire ordeal:

I did not have no money to impress her, so if I thought that if I take this lil girl's DS, I can make some money. I tapped her shoulder. I said, ‘Give it.' She said, ‘No.' I said, ‘It mine,' (sic) and forst (sic) it from her. I felt bad as she chased me but it was done. I said to myself, ‘Never agen (sic).'

Well, I can see why he didn't write her a poem...

West Brighton teen stole Nintendo system to impress girl, authorities allege [SILive][image credit]


    Whats this about mcdonalds?

      Hamburgler was just doing it to impress Birdy.

    Why dont you pick on a little girl your own size.

    yer dis iz why i hat the kidz of taday

    day hav no clu abot anyfingz and a total lak of speling and gramma

    ... Yeah, sure those in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks... but damn, this kids spelling and grammar is at least 10x worse than mine!

    As for stealing a little girls DS to hock for cash to impress a girl.. that's just pathetic.. at what part in the though process of young teens these days does that seem like an amicable idea...

    This guy makes me look like a bloody genius, as a fellow 17 year-old...

    What a dead****.

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