You'll Be Howling For This Okami T-Shirt

As seen on GameSetWatch.


    uh, are those wolves opening their mouths for a celestial cock and balls?

      lol now that you put it that way..

      It's a nice design and all, but not for me.. Looks too much like one of those cheesy american indian paintings you buy from gift stores

        And that, children, is The Point.

          yeah i realized that after looking at the link below... in my defense that link wasn't there when i was posting :P lol

          now i just feel like a tit

    For those that dont know the reference -

      Hell yeah, Three Wolf Moon!! I'm right there with you...

    I would wear the hell out of this.

    Oh my god.
    I've never wanted a shirt more.
    I'm such a huge fan of Okami... just.. omg... want.

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