Your Fourth Spider-Man From Shattered Dimensions Is…

Your Fourth Spider-Man From Shattered Dimensions Is…

…well, it could be a few things. What appears to be the final box art for Activision’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is here, thanks to Gamefly, apparently revealing the fourth, still unofficially revealed incarnation of Spidey. And he’s black.

That black suit version of Spider-man could be a throwback to the post-Secret Wars webslinger, when Peter Parker was the owner of a dark, alien symbiote that could transform itself into a multitude of costumes. It’s the same suit that eventually bonded with Eddie Brock to become the villain known as Venom.

Or it could just be a black costume, not a sentient unitard and mask, but where’s the fun in that? All we know is that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will go black and that Activision will be talking about the game in greater detail at the San Diego Comic-Con next week. “Four Worlds, One Story: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions the Video Game” happens next Friday and we expect official confirmation of what that fourth dimension is by then.

Activision has already confirmed that Spider-man will take the form of Amazing, Noir and 2099 in the multi-platform game due out this September.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions [Gamefly – thanks, Jeff!]


    • Iron Spiderman is a preorder bonus for somewhere (Gamestop I think) Everywhere else is getting Cosmic Spiderman.

    • I’m SERIOUSLY concerned about this game… just the “Amazing spiderman” part looks terrible to me.. the whole making a giant hammer out of web and then hitting enemies on the head with it just leaves me cold…

  • I don’t think it could be the black symbiote suit, because the game is based on Spider-Man from different dimensions. The symbiote suit is part of Earth-616, which is where the red & blue Spidey is from.

    I can’t think of another Marvel Comics-related universe they could use, so probably like Noir, it’s a universe made up specifically for the game.

    • Noir wasn’t made up specifically for the game. They did a series of stories set in the “Noir” universe.

      X-men Noir, Spider-man Noir etc.

    • Noir wasn’t made up specifically for the games. “Noir” is a comic book series featuring pre-WWII iterations of characters such as the Punisher, Iron Man, the X-Men and Spiderman.

      Is it hard to believe this is just post-Secret Wars Spiderman plucked out of time? I do find it amusing that we all willingly accept Spidey being dragged from different points in the timeline of the universe (Noir is 1930’s and 2099 is well, 2099) but can’t believe that we’d have 1980-90’s Spidey along with 2010 Spidey.

  • It looks a bit like a skull or a ghost… Sorry, I don’t know if there are any Spider-Man characters like that, just taking a wild guess based on the look.

  • No, I’m going to have to say that’s not Venom nor a black suit. It looks too… ghost-like. His cheek, his eye… there’s something else about him. I’m thinking it’s possibly Poison from “What If?: The Other.” It’d be a redesign, sure, but it seems to suit him.

    It could also just be a placeholder for a different Universe, so you never know!

    • I’m leaning towards saying that it IS the Venom symbiote – it’s not such a radical difference that it can’t be a redesign – but I’m with you on the possibility of the fourth dimension being a “What If?” dimension. There’s so much potential there.

      That said, it could also be Ultimate Spidey in the black suit, which is a more conservative choice.

      • I believe I read that they’ve announced that it won’t be the Ultimate dimension, as it is too close too standard 616 canon (the primary Marvel universe) visually or aestetically to warrant taking another dimension.

        Although I think it’s more than likely because the Ultimate series of comics is pretty much dead for the most part, and Ultimate Spidey looks like it’s going to go the same way.

  • >.> Seriously? That isn’t a ‘Black Suit’ so much as it is the blank spider-man template on the present cover. Someone just edited it and added eyes. However at the end of the E3 trailer they cut to something that looked like a bunch of symbiots shrieking. My guess is that it’ll take place in the Spider-Man Unlimited universe.

  • Man, I’d kill for a Spider-Man: Reign dimension!

    Long story short; Peter Parker is old, decrepit, retired and is now alone as Mary Jane has died from prolonged exposure to the radiation in Peter’s blood. New York is encased in a force field, super villains are pretty much gone, and the populace is ‘protected’ by a brutal totalitarian police force. Peter sees the injustice perpetrated on the people of New York, grabs his old black (non-symbiote) suit and fights back. Then there’s some stuff about old Spidey villains forming a new Sinister Six, and a ton of Symbiotes at one point. Lots of fun.

    Odds are low though, as it was pretty dark and violent, which was required of the story being told. But man would it make for a good dimension!

  • This is SO HYSTERICAL!

    The box art comes out AND NOONE BELIEVES IT!!


    The final dimension is ULTIMATE spiderman!


    And yes, CARNAGE is in it, along with Venom, and every other stupid version of the villains from the ULTIMATE universe. Too bad they didn’t have the guts to do a cosmic spidey or the MOVIE spiderman universe. Oh well.

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