You're Never Too Young For PC Gaming

Three-year-old Finley's hands might be too small for the mouse, but that doesn't stop him from kicking arse at both Mirror's Edge and Portal on the PC.

Reader Callum sends us this vid he recorded yesterday of his friend's son rocking the PC, playing through Mirror's Edge nausea inducing first-person action and Portal's perplexing puzzle gameplay like a true pro.

I've generally considered PC gaming to be something young players graduate to after doing time with consoles. I should probably stop underestimating the power of malleable young minds.

Thanks for the vid, Callum!


    1. It's amazing to watch!

    2. Hey parents. There's a video game rating system. Use it! No wonder Atkinson was so determined to stop the R18+ rating because he knew parents do things like THIS.

      Number 2's not really a fair comment, on any level. First off, I would say the parents have indeed thought about the content of the games played, which is why they've chosen to let their 3 year old play difficult but non-violent FPS's - neither of these games involves shooting anyone, they're about navigating complex environments. It's a far cry from letting your kid play CoD (or Farcry, for that matter!).

      Second, who is Michael Atkinson to make parenting decisions for the whole country? Furthermore, how would the lack of an R18+ prevent other, more violent games being played by children? The current system shoehorns the vast majority of such games into the MA category, which parents are more likely to allow their kids to play, just as parents are more willing to show an MA movie to a child than they would be an R rated one.

      But your first point is valid, it is indeed awesome to watch!

        i argee with most of your comments except:

        "neither of these games involves shooting anyone" - Flux

        you might want to skip to 0:30, there defiantly seems to be some shooting going both ways, however in this game you can just drop the gun and go hand to hand.

          Fair enough, there is a tiny amount of gunplay in Mirror's Edge, but it is neither necessary nor central to the game. In TV terms, it would be analogous to your child seeing a news update that featured gunshots as opposed to watching an action movie - the impact would be drastically reduced, and arguably negligible.

      You mean let them play games like Portal and Mirror's Edge. Which are two games that are pacifistic by design and don't portray violence to a explicit extent? Two games that only imply the use of violence in matters of self preservation.

      Also, I have been playing violent games since the age of 7 and I'm the pinnacle of anger self-suppresion and pacifism. :P

    @Flux I agree.

    If they want to give him better mouse control then buy a travel mouse they are perfect for kids hands.

    Its what I did for my children.

    I agree with both deathtoll's points. Watching a 3 year old gunning down that guard made me blink a bit.

    But yeah, this kid is amazing and these games are clearly immensely stimulating for him and would be helping his brain develop complex problem solving and spatial skills. Appropriate games have a lot to offer our little ones.

    Hmm a diet of red cordial and Portal, lucky bastard.

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