You've Got Raving Rabbids On My Coke Zero

Drink up! Starting this summer, Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids are appearing on Coca-Cola Zero cans in France as part of a "Lapins Crétins" (stupid rabbits) campaign.

French site was sent these Splinter Lapin, Lapin of Persia and Lapin Creed II cans in a cardboard fridge.

Available in stores, the Rabbids-branded Coke Zero is 2.59€ ~ 2.69€ for six cans and 4.79€ ~ 4.89€ for 10 cans.


Les canettes Coca Cola Zéro se mettent aux Lapins Crétins [Gamalive]


    Hm.... I wonder able the low sugar content...

    Rabbid: "BWAAAAAAA!"

    Me: "Here, little guy, have a drink."


    Rabbid: "Oh... Thankyou, my good man. I was so full of energy, I could not stop screaming."


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