Zangief Vs The Universe

Zangief proves once and for all that even goat-horned, laser-shooting dinosaurs are no match for the Red Cyclone. A compilation video takes a look at Zangief pile-driving foes into submission over the years.

The highlight reel contains footage from nearly every Street Fighter game Zangief has starred in, with a few omissions such as the recently released Super Street Fighter IV. While there's a comedic undertone, the video shines brightest as a showcase of Zangief nearly game-breaking prowess - pile-driver from orbit... really? And, hey, it's great to see the long forgotten Street Fighter EX characters memorialised between his manly thighs.


    the 'gief need to lay off the 'roids

    The bit I like most is that Zangief is the same size as The Incredible Hulk. Imagine if our Russian friend also had a Hulk-style alternate form.

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