Zelda, Princess Peach And GLaDOS Eye Shadow

Geek Chic Cosmetics recently launched a new line of gaming-themed cosmetics. Their make up includes blush, foundation and eye shadow with a gaming twist.

Not being a big user of make up myself, I'm not sure how one would make use of something like the Star Power Finishing Veil foundation, or the Plum Princess blush, but there are some interesting colour choices over on the site.

Geek Chic also has three lines of eye shadow named after different games: The Mushroom Kingdom set, the Hyrule Set and the GlaDOS set.

The make up seems to run from $US5 to $US15 a pop.

Geek Chic Cosmetics [Thanks Deborah]


    Interesting idea. I can imagine this selling well enough to maintain business, but I can't see a particularly large client base (no offense, ladies).

    As a girl-gamer I find these sadly disappointing and lacking. They look just like anything you could buy from a beauty store but with "customised" video game packaging...

    What would make this stand out is if the brush applicators were somewhat gimmicky, like the little mushroom 1-up head as a the stick part of the brush that you grip with.

    Something out of the norm. As it stands it's something I can gladly live without. :(


      What you think robots can't wear eye shadow?!

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